2016 Tiny House Trailers Are Here!!!

Tiny House Trailers for 2016 have arrived for our Southern California Manufacturer. All new trailer orders from now on our will be 2016 model year when ordered from Carson. For 1 Week we will be honoring all 2015 Tiny House Trailer Prices on all new orders. With the new model year of Tiny House Trailers we are expecting a price increase from the manufacturer but we have yet to receive the new price sheets so until then we will be honoring all our 2015 Tiny House Trailer Prices. If you have received a quote and you want to place an order for your Tiny House Trailer now is the time for the best savings!

If you would like a new quote on a Custom Tiny House Trailer email us at: TinyHouseBasics@gmail.com and let us know the size and options you are looking for, If you don’t know what options you want, don’t worry because that’s what we are here for!

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