Welcome To Tiny House Basics! / Our Tiny House Questionnaire

To start off, i thought i would answer some common questions people ask regarding our decision to go tiny Who will be living in your tiny house? Myself: Joshua and my darling wife: Shelley. Plus, 2 small dogs and 1 awesome cat Occupation? Tiny House Basics We Design and Build the Number #1 Tiny House Trailers & Shells What is the … Read More

Buying A Tiny House Trailer

Buying A Tiny House Trailer

Who Is Tiny House Basics? We are Joshua and Shelley and we are Tiny House People with a extensive background in Tiny House Trailers and Tiny Houses. We design and sell the #1 Tiny House Trailers Available from Manufacturers that Have Been Building High Quality Trailers for over 30 Years. As Tiny House People ourselves our number one goal is … Read More

Entertaining Abode – New Video

Entertaining Abode Building a Tiny House is certainly a big project to undertake and we sought to help simplify that by offering Custom Tiny House Shells Built on our Tiny House Trailers. Many people love this solution of speeding up the process of going tiny by having the hardest work already taken care of. Ever since we first started offering … Read More

Video: Straight Axles Compared to Drop Axles

Tiny House Trailer Drop Axles

Check out our new YouTube Video Showing you around two 20ft Tiny House Trailers     What do you think about using Drop Axles on your Tiny House Build? Let us know in the comments!

Tiny House Basics’ Builder Open House – March 12th 2016

  Come See and Tour a finished Tiny House Shell based on our personally designed Entertaining Abode which was featured on our episode of FYI’s Tiny House Nation. It is a 28ft Long by 102″ wide and includes the 8ft Accordion Window, Cantilever Lofts (For Extra Space), and Shed Roof. Also on tour is Several of our 2016 Tiny House … Read More

Save Huge On a Tiny House Soft Water System!

Last year when we moved to our new home we had a issue that was immediately apparent in our water supply. The problem was it was incredibly hard! Most city water and well water supplies will have this problem and we made this video to show you how to determine if you also have hard water.     To solve … Read More

Taking Your Tiny Offroad

Taking Your Tiny Offroad

  Article originally appeared in issue 23 of Tiny House Magazine By Joshua Engberg It is 50º outside and the temperature is dropping as the sun dips behind the horizon. We’re behind schedule for departure; not departure from a airport but departure from the last bit of civilization we will be in contact with for the next four days. We are set to trek … Read More

Importing A Tiny House Trailer Into Canada


Importing A Tiny House Trailer Into Canada This Post Originally Appeared On TinyHouseLife.Ca By Dan Howes WHY DID WE IMPORT A TRAILER FROM USA INTO CANADA? THERE ARE LOTS OF FABRICATORS HERE.. Why would we want to go through all the hassle of Importing a Tiny House Trailer into Canada when..yes, there are a lot of metal and trailer fabricators on the … Read More

Find Land NOW For Your Tiny House!


How Do You Start Finding Land For Your Tiny House? Before even considering life in a Tiny House we realized our first step was to downsize. In the process of doing this, we decided to simplify a number of things. The first being cable television. With streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon it’s not that hard to give up … Read More