Clever Outdoor Storage Thanks To Tiny House Nation!

If you have seen our recent episode of Tiny House Nation then you would have easily noticed that i have a tons of tools in my old man garage. These are tools I have collected since I first starting working on cars when i was around 15 years old. whether you are a woodworker, builder or a mechanic, most tools have a very specific job and although you may not need them everyday, you will still need them someday. there lies one of the bigger challenges of going tiny, where to put my tools?

John and Zack From Tiny House Nation helped out a lot with the solution. In addition to building a deck for us to entertain on, they added storage underneath the bench seats! this aided in storage of tools and Tiny House stuff immensely. i still have plans to build another storage area for my bigger tools and gear but i couldn’t imagine not having that storage underneath the deck!

Under Deck Storage

Under Deck Storage

Check out this Web Exclusive Video From Tiny House Nation on our deck storage!



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3 Comments on “Clever Outdoor Storage Thanks To Tiny House Nation!”

  1. Nancy

    I knew they’d come up with some kind of solution!! Your home is beautiful…and BIG. It’s the best one I’ve ever seen. And oh those stairs!! I’m happy they came up with the extra space for some of your equipment so you can continue to provide for your family. I’m wondering how the dog crate/kitchen island is working for you? Best Wishes.

    1. Nancy

      I am a disabled veteran and would love to have a tiny home built for me and my service dog, Jersey. Thanks for the info on the the the dog’s living arrangements!

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