Tiny House Land Sharing and Try it Tiny

We would love to introduce you to a new and exciting feature. Are you interested in Land Sharing with your tiny house? Post in the comments if you have space to rent or lease out for a tiny house or if you are looking for land to park your tiny house on. This will be a extension of: Find Land for your Tiny House Now!

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7 Comments on “Tiny House Land Sharing and Try it Tiny”

  1. Julie Riley

    Hi there!
    I’ve wanted to build a tiny home for YEARS! However, I haven’t been able to get over the very real obstacle of where can actually place my tiny home? I currently live in Jacksonville Beach Florida. I need to stay in this area for at least the next four years and then after that I’m more flexible. Are there any available land areas or sites where I could place a tiny home in or around Jacksonville?

    Fingers crossed!

  2. Sabrina Austin

    I am just now starting research into getting a tiny home, but of course my dilemma is going to be where to put it. I live around the Memphis TN area, so I’m looking for someone east of Memphis that would possibly let me park it on their land for a while.

  3. P. Gardner

    I am looking for somewhere to park a tiny tiny house in the Cleveland, OH (or Akron-Canton) area. I am open to other locations in the area such as Geauga County, OH, Medina County, OH, Lorain County, Oh, Lake County, OH and other counties that are within a commutable distance of Cuyahoga County, H. This will be a tiny tiny house on wheels and it will be off-grid. It is not built yet but I am in the planning stages.

  4. Lisa Dole

    We live in Southern Illinois and have a 2+ acre lot. We have garbage, water, and the availability to electric as well or one could remain off grid. You are more than welcome to bring your tiny home and park it here to see this part of the country. Look up St. Jacob, Illinois and let us know.

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