Tiny House Land Sharing and Try it Tiny

We would love to introduce you to a new and exciting feature. Are you interested in Land Sharing with your tiny house? Post in the comments if you have space to rent or lease out for a tiny house or if you are looking for land to park your tiny house on. This will be a extension of: Find Land for your Tiny House Now!

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5 Comments on “Tiny House Land Sharing and Try it Tiny”

  1. Julie Riley

    Hi there!
    I’ve wanted to build a tiny home for YEARS! However, I haven’t been able to get over the very real obstacle of where can actually place my tiny home? I currently live in Jacksonville Beach Florida. I need to stay in this area for at least the next four years and then after that I’m more flexible. Are there any available land areas or sites where I could place a tiny home in or around Jacksonville?

    Fingers crossed!

  2. Sabrina Austin

    I am just now starting research into getting a tiny home, but of course my dilemma is going to be where to put it. I live around the Memphis TN area, so I’m looking for someone east of Memphis that would possibly let me park it on their land for a while.

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