Gooseneck Tiny House Trailers

Discover the perfect foundation for your dream tiny house with our Gooseneck Tiny House Trailers. Designed to elevate your timny house design with a standup bedroom on the gooseneck hitch. Benefit from unparalleled stability and higher weight carrying capacities, ensuring a smooth and secure journey.

With our Gooseneck Tiny House Trailers, you’ll appreciate the versatility they offer. The standard 8ft x 102″ wide deck on the gooseneck hitch provides a remarkable opportunity to utilize the space as a loft or bedroom area, just a few feet higher than the lower deck. 48in rise above the lower deck is standard but we can build it any height you would like. This ingenious feature maximizes your living space and adds a touch of uniqueness to your tiny house.

For ultimate strength and durability, our Gooseneck Trailers are predominantly ordered in triple axle 18k, 21k, and quad axle 28k GVWR configurations. These heavy-duty options give you the peace of mind to confidently tow your tiny house, no matter its size or weight.

Embrace the power and reliability of our Gooseneck Tiny House Trailers, allowing you to embark on your tiny house journey with unmatched stability and endless possibilities./p>


  • Up to 12" Wide Decks

    You can choose the width you want your Tiny House Trailer deck, from 92′ to 102″ wide for the same price. or upgrade to our 10ft or 12ft wide models.

  • High Quality Experience

    Our trailer manufacturers have been building high quality custom trailers for decades. With over 36 years of custom trailer fabrication experience.

  • Manufacturer Direct Pricing

    Each Trailer is Custom Tailored for you built at factory direct pricing, No Dealer or Builder Markup, buy your trailer direct from the manufacturer just like we did for our own tiny house.


Drop Axles

Lower the deck 4″ for increased headroom and a easier approach into the tiny house. This the most popular option we have. Available in all GVWRs and in combination with Flush Crossmembers.

Flush Crossmembers

Have the crossmember placed flush with the top of the deck to save vertical height by insulating inside the trailer and using it as your subfloor. This method also saves weight, time and money.

Extended Upper Deck

Default Upper Deck / Hitch Length is 8ft Long. You can extend your Upper Deck & Hitch to an extended length 9ft or 10ft.