Gooseneck Tiny House Trailers

Our Gooseneck Tiny House Trailers add a 8ft long gooseneck hitch to any sized trailer including a deck on top of the gooseneck hitch that matches the width of the lower deck. Gooseneck Trailers are available up to 56ft in overall length (48 foot lower deck with 8ft on the upper deck). Gooseneck Tiny House Trailers offer a very stable foundation for towing and higher weight carrying capacities. The default deck height of the Gooseneck deck is 52″ above the lower deck. Common selected deck heights are 48″and 50″. 42″ is chosen when the trailer is a deckover style or the tow vehicle is a flat bed truck. Since all of our trailers are custom, you can select the height you want the deck to be. The Gooseneck Deck is a ideal location for a master bedroom in your tiny house or even a living room.


  • 92in to 102in Wide Decks + 10ft wide Models

    You can choose the width you want your Tiny House Trailer deck, from 92″ to 102″ wide for the same price. We also offer optional 10ft wide models

  • High Quality Experience

    Our trailer manufacturers have been building high quality custom trailers for decades. With over 36 years of custom trailer fabrication experience.

  • Manufacturer Direct Pricing

    Each Trailer is Custom Tailored for your build with factory direct pricing, No Dealer or Builder Markup


Drop Axles

Lower the deck 4″ for increased headroom and a easier approach into the tiny house. the most popular option we have. available in all GVWRs.¬†

Flush Crossmembers

Have the crossmember placed flush with the top of the deck to save vertical height by insulating inside the trailer and using it as your subfloor. This method also saves weight, time and money.

Extended Tongue

Extend your trailer tongue by 12″ for increased room for Propane tanks, A/C System and exterior storage.