The First Step To Take When Designing Your Tiny House Floorplan

Wells let’s just say its the first step after deciding the length of your tiny house ūüôā This would be, where are the fenders located? This greatly affects everything in your design, especially door placements. Below is our master list for fender locations for a majority of our trailer lengths. When it comes to placing your doors in your floor … Read More

New Factory Location in Texas!

Over the past 7 years we have had hundreds of customers in the great state of texas and now we are happy to announce we have a new factory location to serve our customers better, right outside Dallas, TX! We will be building trailers in all our sizes even the return of the 12ft wide models. Please request a quote … Read More

How To Visit Us In Person

At Tiny House Basics, Our goal is to simplify the process of going tiny and to provide the best possible prices for our customers on our custom tiny house trailers. With the worldwide pandemic continuing to impact so many aspects of our daily lives and our supply chains we wanted to share some updates as well as clarify options we … Read More

Custom Plans & Elevations Now Available!

Custom Tiny House Floor Plans and Elevations are Now Available from our online shop at These custom plans can start with any size trailer from 12ft to 56ft and any width up to 12ft wide. We have long offered our custom plans when we build our tiny house shells for clients but now we are opening up the offering … Read More

34ft Gooseneck Tiny House Shell Tour

Starting with the 26ft + 8ft Tiny House Basics Gooseneck Trailer we shared in the last blog post. We built this custom tiny house shell for a family in Georgia. This Shell includes the standard features of 4 windows, a Glass front door, a Standing Seam Metal Roof, an Insulated Subfloor, T1-11 Siding, and a Shed Roof. The Customer … Read More

Gooseneck Tiny House Trailer Tour

What’s so special about a gooseneck tiny house trailer? Watch this tour to find out all the details about gooseneck tiny house trailers and why they may be right for you! For more info on our Tiny House Trailer please visit our website¬† To see more info on our goosenecks, go to house trailers/gooseneck-trailers

Tiny Houses On Wheels are now Legal in San Diego!

Tiny Houses Legal In San Diego

Tiny Houses On Wheels are now Legal in San Diego! This is the first city in the region outlining ordinances for tiny houses in backyards along with San Jose, Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, and many others. This is a win-win across the board and makes it easier for our DIY tiny house builders to located parking spots in the … Read More

A Few Tips To Help Make Living Tiny Long Term Actually Doable

Tips for living tiny

To make Tiny House Living practical for the long term, here is a few things we have learned over the years: Be practical in the space you need, size is subjective and everyone has different needs, wants and family sizes. Will you travel with it? The reality is that over 99% of our customers don’t travel with their tiny houses, … Read More