Santa Cruz To Allow Tiny Houses On Wheels As Primary Home!

Santa Cruz County Leaps Over Other Jurisdictions to Lead The State In Innovative Housing Santa Cruz is the First County in California to Legalize Tiny Homes on Wheels as Primary Homes Santa Cruz County, CA, November 2022 – Santa Cruz County Supervisors led by First District Supervisor, Manu Koenig, unanimously passed SCCC 13.10.680 to legalize tiny homes on wheels as … Read More

Should You Build a 10ft Wide Tiny House?

in 2014 when we built our very first Tiny House Basics Trailer which would later be the foundation for our own tiny house we still currently live in, 10ft wide trailers weren’t even a thing in the tiny house world. The max width we could go was 8ft 6in (which is the legal limit to travel on roadways in the … Read More

Tiny House Shell Roof Color Options

When building your tiny house shell, We offer the option for choosing your own custom colors for your roofing & or siding. Below is our 25 available colors for your tiny house shell and full build. Tahoe Blue and Winter White are standard colors and there may be a small upcharge for other colors listed. Download The PDF of Colors … Read More

The First Step To Take When Designing Your Tiny House Floorplan

Wells let’s just say its the first step after deciding the length of your tiny house 🙂 This would be, where are the fenders located? This greatly affects everything in your design, especially door placements. Below is our master list for fender locations for a majority of our trailer lengths. When it comes to placing your doors in your floor … Read More

New Factory Location in Texas!

Over the past 7 years we have had hundreds of customers in the great state of texas and now we are happy to announce we have a new factory location to serve our customers better, right outside Dallas, TX! We will be building trailers in all our sizes even the return of the 12ft wide models. Please request a quote … Read More

How To Visit Us In Person

At Tiny House Basics, Our goal is to simplify the process of going tiny and to provide the best possible prices for our customers on our custom tiny house trailers. With the worldwide pandemic continuing to impact so many aspects of our daily lives and our supply chains we wanted to share some updates as well as clarify options we … Read More

Custom Plans & Elevations Now Available!

Custom Tiny House Floor Plans and Elevations are Now Available from our online shop at These custom plans can start with any size trailer from 12ft to 56ft and any width up to 12ft wide. We have long offered our custom plans when we build our tiny house shells for clients but now we are opening up the offering … Read More