The Only Tiny House Trailer Foundations Designed and Built By Actual Tiny House Dwellers

Designed from the ground up to save time, Save Weight, and eliminate the common mold issues found on other tiny house trailer foundations by allowing you to uniformly insulate the whole trailer frame and not just between the wheels. Our trailers are designed to carry unique loads of a tiny house around the perimeter of the trailer frame while allowing a fully insulated subfloor. This trailer design speeds up your build by allowing you to use the trailer as the subfloor with no other wood or structural support. With a vast amount of options and limitless customizations, we build each trailer specifically to you and your needs. Available options like threaded rods to tie down wall framing translate directly from standard building practices to make your build as simple as can be. We design our trailers to be your lifelong foundation for your tiny house and not just to last a few years and fail from subpar design and mold issues from uninsulated floors.

NOAH Inspected Trailer Frames: As a member of NOAH (National Organization of Alternative Housing) Our Trailers exceed stage 1 of your tiny house certification, ready for you to take over and start stage 2, Rough framing. Using a certified trailer frame will ease the process and as NOAH Members ourselves, we can guide you through that process. Inspecting and Certifying your tiny house to the NOAH + Standard for tiny houses will ease insurance requirements and open up parking and placement as many municipalities are now requiring Inspection and Certification. Tiny House Basics was The First to break the old way of building modified car hauler trailer frames with flanges and bring to market the first extra wide trailer frames with decks up to 102in wide for our standard models. We were also the first to market with 10ft wide and 12ft wide Tiny House Trailers using our same trailer subfloor design to allow uniform insulation in the full width of our trailers. We were also the first to coin the term tiny house shells back in 2015 when we build the tiny house structure for you on our trailer foundations for you to complete the rest and still take part in the DIY part of the movement.

Tiny House Basics Specializes in custom Extra Wide Deck Bumper Pull and Gooseneck trailer models built and shipped from 1 of 3 locations across the U.S. Prompt delivery is available in all parts of the United States.

Standard Features: All trailers are designed and built with box tube construction, including main frame rails and crossmembers. 2 5/16in Ball Coupler, Electric Brakes with 7-way Connector, Back up Battery with Sway-a-way Safety System, Dual Safety Chains, Sealed Wiring Harness and Heavy duty Crossmembers 16in on Center. Outside the main frame rails (82in on a 102-in trailer and 96in on a 10ft wide trailer) we use an outer frame rail and crossmembers to match the inner deck. This modern deck design eliminates the thermal bridging and mold issues that our competitors have with their flange-style trailer frames. Our heavy-duty crossmembers allow you to use the trailer as the subfloor and eliminate the need to build a wooden subfloor as some companies require.


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Gooseneck Tiny House Trailers are just about as popular as our Bumper Pull Trailers, Come check out a tour of one of the many we build. Alot of the options on gooseneck / 5th wheel tiny house trailers will be available on our bumper pull models as well. Like all our trailers, everyone is built custom to your needs.

Check out our other videos on YouTube and pick up a copy of our best-selling book Tiny House Basics, Living the Good Life in Small Spaces.