The Tiny House Trailer Foundation For Your Dream Tiny House

We've reimagined traditional tiny house trailer foundation design to tackle common building issues, delivering a solution that not only saves weight but time and materials, while averting typical mold issues found in other trailer foundations. Our designs ensure uniform insulation across the entire trailer frame, not just between the wheels.

Crafted to accommodate the distinct weight distribution of a tiny house Our tiny house trailers boast perimeter load-bearing frames coupled with fully insulatable subfloors. This inventive construction eliminates the need for additional wood or structural support, paving the way for a quicker, streamlined build process.

Custom Tiny House Trailers Built Just for You

We recognize each tiny house vision is unique, so we offer a large variety of options and infinite customizations, building each tiny house trailer to fit your specific needs. Features like threaded rods for straightforward wall framing tie-down emulate standard building practices,simplifying your construction experience.

Our goal is to deliver a lifelong foundation for your tiny house. We strive to shun mediocrity and fleeting design, standing strong against potential mold issues from uninsulated floors. Trust us to transform your vision into a tiny house reality built to last."

Tiny House Basics Specializes in custom Bumper Pull and Gooseneck tiny house trailer models. We build our trailers across our three U.S. locations, ensuring nationwide reach.

Standard Features: All Tiny house trailers are designed and built with box tube construction, including main frame rails and crossmembers. 2 5/16in Ball Coupler, Electric Brakes with 7-way Connector, Back up Battery with Sway-a-way Safety System, Dual Safety Chains, Sealed Wiring Harness and Heavy duty Crossmembers 16in on Center. Outside the main frame rails (82in on a 102-in trailer and 96in on a 10ft wide trailer) we use an outer frame rail and crossmembers to match the inner deck. This modern deck design eliminates the thermal bridging and mold issues that our competitors have with their flange-style trailer frames. Our heavy-duty crossmembers allow you to use the trailer as the subfloor and eliminate the need to build a wooden subfloor as some companies require.

Tiny House Trailer Sizes Available: Whether you're picturing a compact 10ft micro tiny house or a sprawling 52ft sanctuary, we've got you covered. Our offerings include both Bumper Pull and Gooseneck models, Standard Deck, Drop Axle Decks or Deckovers with the additional choice of wider designs in 10ft to 12ft wide models. Each trailer we craft is more than just a product - it's a lifelong partnership. With every purchase, we offer lifetime consulting to guide you throughout your build. Let's embark on this tiny house journey together, creating a solid foundation for your dream home!"

Tiny House Trailer Styles Available: We offer Standard Deck With Fenders (26in Deck Height), 4in Drop Axle Decks With Fenders (22in Deck Height) and Flat Deck Deckover Style Trailers (34-36in Deck Height) All these deck styles can be used in bumper pull or gooseneck style trailers


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Discover some of the unique features on our Tiny House Basics Tiny House Trailers. This video showcases smart design choices like flush cross members and strategically positioned threaded rods for easy building. Its robust construction, safety elements, and customizable design are ideal for your tiny house project. Let's make your tiny house dream a reality.

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