Built To Order Tiny House Shells

(Built in California)

Are you overwhelmed by the construction of your new Tiny House or Need a boost to get you going on your build?

We have the solution for you: A Custom-built tiny house shell that includes the tiny house trailer! We will build you a custom-designed tiny house shell to fit your needs on any size tiny house trailer we build up to 50ft from our San Francisco Bay Area Workshop. We offer our tiny house shells for you to finish yourself or have your favorite local contractor finish. Our tiny house shells bridge the gap between the trailer foundation and a full build.

The Process

Step 1: Choose your trailer Length x Width

Deciding on a trailer size is the first step in the tiny house shell process, Once the trailer is on order and you place the deposit on the trailer portion we can focus on the design that will be custom for your needs.

Step 2: Start the Design Process

You can choose inspiration from one of our previous builds, or another design you found or we can start from scratch! Our design process which is included in our base model price lists is $1,500. We will work with your sketches (if you have them, no worries if not!) We start by providing you with a template for the size tiny house shell you plan on having built. You can use this plan to draw in your inspiration for your dream tiny house. Once you send that to us, We will work on a 3D model to design your home. Once the design is done we will hop on a video call to work on design changes. There is no limit to the design meetings we have, we want to make sure we get it right before we swing our first hammer! When the design is complete you will have a full design layout for the interior and exterior of your tiny house. So even if we are just doing the shell, you will have the information you need to complete your build successfully yourself or with local contractors.

Step 3: Order Custom Material

Once the design is complete, it is time to get materials ordered, Especially the windows since those can have the longest lead times. We will proceed with a deposit to order the windows and the lumber to build your tiny house shell.

Step 4: Trailer is Done and Ready for the Build

After the trailer is done, the balance on the trailer will be due, once that is paid, we can arrange delivery from our factory to our workshop and start the build.

Step 5: The Build Starts!

When the trailer is delivered and the design is approved we can get right to work! At this point, you will be familiar with chatting with us on a regular basis and now we can start sending you progress photos! you are also welcome to visit anytime to see the build in progress or we can schedule regular video calls.

Step 6: Order Changes and Add-ons

It is common that our clients want to add on extras like electrical, plumbing, or interior finishes so we just decided to make it step 6! When you place your initial order, it does not have to be definite. We can make changes as we go and add more services and finishes, We are flexible tiny house folks!

Step 7: The Build is Complete!

It’s the day you have been waiting for, your tiny house is all done and ready to ship. Once the balance is paid we can arrange pickup or transportation with one of our insured transporters to deliver and place your tiny house anywhere!

Step 8: After the Sale

No matter if you purchased a trailer, a shell, or a full build. You get lifetime consulting included, so we are here to help you no matter what you need as long as you need it. We are excited to have you join the Tiny House Basics family and we want to ensure you have the support you need to make tiny house living successful!

Bonus Infomation

Check out some examples of builds below, this is just a small example of what we have done in the past 9 years. For more pictures and inspiration check out our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/tinyhousebasics and our Instagram accounts at www.instagram.com/tinyhouseshells and www.instagram.com/tinyhousebasics

Every Tiny House Build Starts with a Shell
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