Our Tiny House – Entertaining Abode

374 square foot Tiny House Built on a 28ft x 102″ wide Tiny House Basics’ Tiny House Trailer 224 square foot First Floor with a 12ft Master Loft and a 7ft Secondary Closet Loft

Our Story

Welcome to Tiny House Basics!

“In 2014, Joshua and Shelley faced a dilemma: either move out of state due to high living costs or reinvent their living style. They chose the latter, deciding to build a 28ft tiny house on wheels. Leveraging Joshua’s expertise in metal fabrication and custom trailers, and Shelley’s interior design background, they meticulously designed a unique trailer foundation for their new modern and functional home. After partnering with a factory to construct the trailer, they recognized a gap in the market: many aspiring tiny house owners struggled to find the right trailer foundation. Witnessing design flaws and mold issues with other suppliers, they were driven to simplify the tiny house journey for others. Thus, Tiny House Basics was born. Nine years on, with four locations across the US, the company crafts custom tiny house trailers for DIY enthusiasts and builders nationwide. Offering over 390 models and sizes up to 50ft in length and 12ft in width, each trailer is tailored to the unique requirements of every individual build.”

Beyond their business, the pair authored the best-selling “Tiny House Basics: Living Good in Small Spaces.” They remain passionate advocates of the movement, living in their original 374 sq.ft. home and currently expanding with a second 30ft x 10ft addition.”