Our Tiny House – Entertaining Abode


Our Story

We are Shelley and Joshua. Thanks for checking out our tiny house adventure!

In June 2014 we started planning to build a tiny house on one of our Tiny House Trailers in order to simplify our lives and get back to basics. We started drastically downsizing our material things to only the necessities we would need in a small space. As avid campers and offroaders we are used to smaller spaces and only carrying what we need for extended periods of time. Moving into a tiny house was going to be a whole new challenge! Several months later the crew from Tiny House Nation came out to aid us on our journey. With the help of their crew and many of our talented friends we built our own self-designed 374 sq.ft. home in 18 days! We are now living in our tiny house full time and its the best decision we have made. Follow along on our website as we show you the Ins and Outs of Tiny Living. We feel a lot of you will be able to relate to our story because even though we are downsizing drastically we still wont give up a lot of our necessities for a comfortable and entertaining space. No way are we going to downsize to only a few pairs of clothes either! We found solutions for all that (and more!) in our custom designed and built tiny house!