30ft and Above Tiny House Trailers

Spanning from 30ft to 36ft in length, these tiny houses have emerged as some of the most sought-after sizes for those committed to the tiny living lifestyle. Especially popular in both 10ft and 12ft wide configurations, they offer a spaciousness that feels both expansive and intimate. The wider 12ft models when used on a bumper pull tiny home trailer in particular, provide even more room, making them ideal for those who desire extra space for amenities or design features. Whether you opt for a bumper pull or a gooseneck design, these sizes cater to a variety of preferences. Choosing a gooseneck adds an additional 8ft to the lower deck, providing an elevated space that’s perfect for a master bedroom or a cozy lounge area. The gooseneck style is most popular paired with the 10ft wide models and the 12ft is best paired with a bumper pull tiny home trailer. These dimensions have been recognized not just for their aesthetic appeal, but also for their practicality. For individuals or families considering long-term tiny living, the 31ft to 36ft range strikes an optimal balance, ensuring comfort, functionality, and a sense of home.


  • Up to 102

    for our standard models you can choose any width up to 102in wide or upgrade to a 10ft or 12ft wide model

  • Solid and Easy To Build Frames

    Our Trailers Are Designed To Be Thes Easiest to build on in the industry with the best design for a safe and healthy tiny house house experience.

  • Lifetime Consulting Included

    We are here for you whenever you need us. As tiny house dwellers and builders for close to a decade our goal is to simplify the process of going tiny. If you ever need to ask advice, seek recommendations on building practices or products. We are here for you.


Drop Axles

Lower the deck 4″ for increased headroom and a easier approach into the tiny house. the most popular option we have. available in all GVWRs. 

Flush Crossmembers

Have the crossmember placed flush with the top of the deck to save vertical height by insulating inside the trailer and using it as your subfloor. This method also saves weight, time and money.

Extended Tongue

Extend your trailer tongue by 12″ for increased room for Propane tanks, A/C System and exterior storage.

1/2in Threaded Rods

1/2in Welded Rods to ties down your wall framing to the trailer. The default location is 10in from each corner, 10in before and after the fenders and 48in in the field. Have a custom location? No problem we can place them exactly where you want them

Deckover Style

Choose a deckover style for a single level floor plan. no need to build around wheels and you have the freedom to place your doors and windows anywhere in your floor plan. Deckovers our the most popular choice for 10ft and 12ft wide models

You Choose the width

You can choose any width you want. 7ft wide, 8ft wide. 8ft 2in, 8ft 6in. Whatever fits your floor plan.

Custom Bumpouts

Get a custom bumpout on the front or the back of the trailer to increase your living area or use it for a exterior storage shed

Steel Flashing

Our Steel Flashing is Welded And Painted To Match The Trailer. This Option Will Speed up your build by having the support for the insulation already installed

Stabilizer jacks

Choose Swing Style or Scissor Jacks to Stabilizer Your Tiny House