Gooseneck Tiny House Trailers

When building a tiny house, the tiny house trailer foundation is crucial. Our Gooseneck Tiny House Trailers offer a solid and reliable base for your dream home. Here’s why a gooseneck tiny house trailer may be a great choice as the foundation for your tiny home

  • Ideal for the largest of tiny houses: While we can build our bumper pull tiny house trailers up to a length of 44ft, our gooseneck tiny house trailers can add a 8ft gooseneck hitch and deck to that 44ft deck length and max out at a whopping 52ft in length
  • Stand-Up Bedrooms: the platform on the hitch of a gooseneck tiny house trailer is perfectly suited for a master bedroom, with a rise of only 4ft above the main deck you only have to walk up a few steps to enter your bedroom and do not have to worry about sleeping in a loft or climbing a ladder.
  • Ideal for regular travel: although all our tiny house trailer foundations are built to travel often if needed, a gooseneck tiny house trailer is much easier to tow when you plan to travel more often. The weight of of the gooseneck hitch rests over the rear axle of the tow vehicle and provides better towing characteristics and a tighter turning radius’ around corners.
  • Customizable Heights for the upper deck: the default height of our gooseneck tiny house trailers’ upper deck is 48in above the lower main deck, but it is no charge to have that height changed to match the tow vehicle or your tiny house design. Commonly we have customers request a height of 44in above the lower deck and we have gone as low as 32in above that lower deck. Keep in mind if you select a lower deck height on your tiny house trailer it may require a flatbed tow vehicle without bedsides to move the tiny house when needed.
  • Available in all the widths we offer: our Gooseneck tiny house trailers are available in all widths up to 12ft wide. You can select the standard 102in wide decks, or 10ft, 11ft, 11ft 6in, and 12ft wide gooseneck tiny house trailers. *Request a tiny house trailer quote for current pricing on these upgrades.

In summary, the Gooseneck Tiny House Trailer is a top choice for those seeking a reliable, space-efficient, and customizable foundation for their tiny house no matter if it’s small or 52ft feet in length.

Suggestions When Choosing a Gooseneck Tiny House Trailer:

  • The Gooseneck Tiny House Trailer is a more expensive trailer per linear foot. It is usually best reserved for larger tiny houses 26ft and longer (i.e. 26ft + 8ft Gooseneck for a total of 34ft)
  • If you don’t plan on having sleeping lofts, Consider a Deceiver option for the main deck of your gooseneck tiny house trailer. This will allow more freedom in your floor plan by not having to build around fenders plus you will have a lower approach into the deck on the gooseneck hitch, With a deceiver option it will be  36in rise above a deck over trailer.
  • You do not need to own a truck to have a gooseneck tiny house trailer. Majority of people hire professionals to move their tiny houses when needed so that is a expense you do not need to worry about.


  • Up to 12' Wide Decks

    You can choose the width you want your Tiny House Trailer deck, from 92′ to 102″ wide for the same price. or upgrade to our 10ft or 12ft wide models.

  • Custom Deck Heights

    Our Default Deck Height is 48in Above the lower deck but you can select any height for us to build your trailer at.

  • Lifetime Consulting Included

    We are here for you whenever you need us. As tiny house dwellers and builders for close to a decade our goal is to simplify the process of going tiny. If you ever need to ask advice, seek recommendations on building practices or products. We are here for you.


Drop Axles

Lower the deck 4″ for increased headroom and a easier approach into the tiny house. This the most popular option we have. Available in all GVWRs and in combination with Flush Crossmembers.

Flush Crossmembers

Have the crossmember placed flush with the top of the deck to save vertical height by insulating inside the trailer and using it as your subfloor. This method also saves weight, time and money.

Extended Upper Deck

Default Upper Deck / Hitch Length is 8ft Long. You can extend your Upper Deck & Hitch to an extended length 9ft or 10ft.

1/2″ Threaded Rods

1/2in Welded Rods to ties down your wall framing to the trailer. The default location is 10in from each corner, 10in before and after the fenders and 48in in the field. Have a custom location? No problem we can place them exactly where you want them

Deckover Style

Choose a deckover style for a single level floor plan. no need to build around wheels and you have the freedom to place your doors and windows anywhere in your floor plan. Deckovers our the most popular choice for 10ft and 12ft wide models

You Choose The Width

You can choose any width you want. 8ft, 8ft 6in, 10ft 6in, 11ft 2in, 11ft 10in. Whatever fits your floor plan.

Custom Rear Bumpouts

Get a custom bumpout on the front of the trailer to increase your living area or use it for a exterior storage shed

Steel Flashing on Upper And Lower Decks

Our Steel Flashing is Welded And Painted To Match The Trailer. This Option Will Speed up your build by having the support for the insulation already installed

Dual Gooseneck Jacks

Get Dual Gooseneck Jacks for Maximum Stability. Hint* if you ask for them, we will include them at no charge!