24′ Tiny House Shells

Our 24ft Tiny House Trailers are the second most popular size trailer we sell. There is a vast amount of designs and floor plans available for this size trailer. At 24 foot long there is still plenty of open living space and maneuverability when towing. We even offer a 24 foot version of our popular Entertaining Abode available. This size Tiny House Trailer provides room for a family sized kitchen, larger lofts and a larger bathroom, all contributing to a spacious floor plan. These trailers are most commonly ordered in 12k, 14k and 15k triple axle GVWR.

Custom Built

Every tiny house is unique to the owner of the home. Every tiny house shell, no matter how small or how large, is tailored for each customer’s needs. We will carefully guide you through the process of choosing a shell, ranging from 10 foot to 48 foot. You choose the window sizes and their locations. You place the front door where you want it, and even choose the style of roof and exterior siding. No matter if you compile a base model with gable roof, 36” front door and 4 windows, or a tiny house with a metal roof and T1-11 siding or even a fully outfitted tiny house, we can work together to design it according to your needs!

From Shell to Full Build

Whether you are just looking for a Professionally framed Tiny House Shell or you are looking for the complete Tiny House package with appliances installed. we can help guide you each step of the way. We can build you a Tiny House to any step of completion to suit your needs and budget. Do you just want the house keys and to be ready to move in Or Do you want all the plumbing, electrical installed but you want to handle the rest? What ever the level of completion you want we can do it and all the work is completed by Licensed, Insured and Bonded Builders.

Trailer Included

Just Like our shells, you can customize the trailer to fit your needs, choose any width from 92” to 102” wide, drop axles or straight axles, Custom Color or even extended tongue for more storage. Each trailer is designed and built specifically for you.

Roof Styles

Each Tiny House Shell comes standard with the Gable Style roof. Upgrades include: Shed Style, Gambrel, Full Length Dormer, ½ Gable and ½ Gable With Dormer or even choose a split style roof with two different styles. Choose any color for our Standing Seam Metal Roofs at no additional charge.

Windows & Doors

Each Tiny House Shell comes standard with 4 windows and a front door which you can choose the placement of each. You can add more windows or even a second door, you can even change out your door for a set of french doors or patio doors. For windows we can install standard double pane tempered glass vinyl windows or you can upgrade to casement, awning or even the Accordion window as seen on our Entertaining Abode.