Build Your Own Shell

Standard Tiny House Shell Features Included

  • Custom Tiny House Basics’ Trailer With Flush Crossmembers, Steel Flashing and 98in Wide Deck
  • Full Custom Design And Elevations
  • Exterior Walls: 2×4 studs @ 16″ on center, Permanent let-in bracing, Bolted to trailer frame @ 4′ on center except over wheel wells, Vapor barrier house wrap
  • Exterior Siding: Standard T1-11, pre-primed, 8″ on center siding, Corners trimmed with 3/4×4 LP, pre-primed trim
  • Insulated Floor: Minimum R-13 fiberglass, 3/4″ OSB Subfloor, Frame covered with vapor barrier house wrap
  • Vaulted Ceilings: 2×6 Roof framing, Standard 1/2″ sheathing, High-grade synthetic roof wrap
  • Roofing: Standing Seam metal roofing and flashing w/ 30 yr warranty, available in 25 optional colors (Tahoe Blue & Winter White Standard)
  • Roof Style: Shed style roof w/ maximum allowable eves for water shedding. Optional Roof Styles: Gable, Gable With Dormer (Rubicon Model). Salt Box, Arched.
  • Windows: 4 included (including egress) Vinyl sliding, double-paned, Low-e, Any size under 4′ x 4′ ** Each loft must include an egress window, this is accomplished with a 3′ x 2′ casement window at no additional cost.
  • Full Glass 36in wide Front Door
  • Certification: Optional RV certified through Pacific West Associates or NOAH
  • Optional Electrical Packages: $2750 panel plus 10ft RV 50 amp connection (longer lead available priced per foot of cable)
    $175 Per Light Switch, Outlet or Light Box
  • Optional Plumbing Packages: $1750 Per Fixture For Rough Plumbing (includes supply and waste lines) example: 1 water heater, 1 shower, 2 sinks, 1 flushing toilet = 5 fixtures
  • Optional Insulation Packages: (Fiberglass, Spray Foam, Demin, Wool)
  • Optional Lofts
  • Optional Interior Wall Packages
  • Optional Exterior & Interior Painting
  • Optional Full Interior Build Out
  • Additional Trailer Options:

Due To High Demand in Fall 2022, Lead Time is approx 6-7 Months for a Custom Tiny House Shell.

Lead time can be as short as 3 months on an 18ft and smaller shell with 7k GVWR Rating
Standard Features Package Prices as of November 2022
12ft x 102in (7k GVWR Capacity) $19,699
14ft x 102in (7k GVWR Capacity) $23,499
16ft x 102in (10k GVWR Capacity) $25,399
18ft x 102in (10k GVWR Capacity) $27,999
20ft x 102in (10k GVWR Capacity) $29,789
22ft x 102in (12k GVWR Capacity) $31,713
24ft x 102in (14k GVWR Capacity) $33,637
26ft x 102in (14k GVWR Capacity) $35,999
28ft x 102in (18k GVWR Capacity) $39,199
30ft x 102in (18k GVWR Capacity) $40,699
32ft x 102in (18k GVWR Capacity) $43,999
34ft x 102in (18k GVWR Capacity) $46,599
36ft x 102in (18k GVWR Capacity) $49,599
Gooseneck (GN) Models (includes 8ft x 102in Deck on GN Hitch)
32ft GN x 102in (14k GVWR Capacity) $Quote
34ft GN x 102in (14k GVWR Capacity) $Quote
36ft GN x 102in (21k GVWR Capacity) $Quote
38ft GN x 102in (21k GVWR Capacity) $Quote
40ft GN x 102in (21k GVWR Capacity) $Quote
48ft GN x 102in (21k GVWR Capacity) $66,999
10ft Wide Models Add $10,300 To the Price.

12ft Wide Models Add $19,900 To The Price

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