How To Visit Us In Person

At Tiny House Basics, Our goal is to simplify the process of going tiny and to provide the best possible prices for our customers on our custom tiny house trailers. With the worldwide pandemic continuing to impact so many aspects of our daily lives and our supply chains, we wanted to share some updates as well as clarify options we have for visiting us and our facilities.

Our Tiny House Trailers are manufactured in 3 locations across the US: Southern California, Texas, and Pennsylvania. Our Factories are not open to the public for visits or tours. Our Factory can only be visited when picking up your trailer if you choose that option instead of delivery. We are working extremely hard to keep our costs down, Production moving, and our fabricators safe during these times, and therefore we have no future plans to allow any factory tours. If you would like to see some of our trailers, we have lots of video tours live on our YouTube channel: as well as pictures on this website as well as our dedicated trailer Instagram at

Our Tiny House Shells are custom-built in Gilroy, CA just south of San Jose, CA. To stay focused on our builds, keep prices down, and keep our builders safe, we do not have a retail location with in-stock models. Each Tiny House Shell we build is custom and made to order. We do offer tours on a limited basis, but they are geared for those that are in the more advanced stages of planning and they are formatted as a Tour Consultation only. This tour is 90 mins and hosted by Joshua and Shelley and it costs $300, which is applied to the cost of your Tiny House Shell or full build if you move forward. To book an in-person tour, we will limit the party to 3 people. If you don’t want to book a tour, no worries at all; we have lots of videos and tours on our YouTube channel at: and our main Instagram at For information on a in-person tour, Please email us at: [email protected]

Our main mailing address is located in Santa Rosa, CA. We do not have a retail location here, and this location is not available to visit for tours. If you would like to contact us via mail, you can use the address listed at the bottom of the website.