Tiny House Trailer Fenders


When you Order your Tiny House Trailer You can Choose to have fenders or have them omitted for no extra cost.

Where are these fenders located on the Trailer? 

For our Washington, Tennessee, Florida Missouri and Alabama Manufacturers, the Default Location for the center of the axles is Approx 60% The Way Back from the front of the deck.

20ft deck = Approx 12ft Back from the front of the deck to the center of the axles

For Our California MFG – To Find the Location of the fenders: take the deck length, (for example 28ft, divide that is half and you get 14ft, then add 1 inch for every ft in the total length of the deck (28ft = 28 inches) and add that to the 14ft number and you get the approx center of the fenders which is: 16ft 2in

What Are the dimensions of the Fenders?

The Fenders are approx 10″ Wide and Approx 10″ Tall (approx 14″ Tall on a drop axle trailer)

Approx 6ft Long On a Tandem Axle Trailer

Approx 9ft Long on a Triple Axle Trailer

What Style Are The Fenders Available In?

Smooth Fenders from all Manufacturers

Jeep Style Available From Our Florida, Missouri, Washington & Alabama Manufacturers

Square Style Fenders Available from Tennessee

Diamond Plate Available as standard from our Washington Manufacturer