Moving The Tiny House

A subject that brings fear and nervousness to anyone out there who has spent countless hours and dollars building their bite dream home and we were no different. For many people when that time comes it may be the first time you have ever towed anything at all so it can be quite scary to have so much riding on the line for a novice.

Rolling Off!

Rolling Off!


In my line of work with Tiny House Trailers towing a trailer is something i do half the time i’m working. in a given year i can put on about 15-20k miles towing alone, but when it came to moving our Tiny House that was something i had no experience doing. Sure i have moved long trailers like it and my own personal trailer is a tandem axle (which has a learning curve as it is compared to a single axle trailer) But moving something so large and so Box-Like had me stressed for sure. In all honesty it was one of my biggest fears during the whole building process, was it going to be too heavy? would the weight be distributed evenly? There was just so many variables that it stressed me out so much. If we decided to build a smaller Tiny House say 20ft i would not have thought twice about moving it but since ours was 32ft long built on a Custom 28ft Trailer it has me a tad worried.


With all that in mind we decided to get rid of some of that stress and hire a professional mover, preferably someone who has moved a Tiny House before. We started calling around but it was hard to find a company that has good rates and was willing to do it so we went to Coast to Coast Transportation and received a quote to move our Tiny House.  Shortly after we received a message from Chris Friend ([email protected] 321-258-7144) about the shipment. I gave him more info on the house and where it was moving to etc and then Jonathan sent me a bid and it was a great rate plus he was insured up to 100k free so that brought a lot of peace of mind so we booked him on the spot. He was excited to move our house and he has moved many tiny houses before so we felt like we were in great hands.

On the morning of the move we started preparing the house for transit. one of the biggest jobs was to remove the portable deck which i did the previous night but that day we needed to remove breakable items and clear a path through the trees on the long driveway. For 3 hours i trimmed trees and branches up to 14 feet high and wide enough for the Tiny House to Make it through.

We set the time for Chris to show up around noon so we would not have to deal with school traffic and rush hour. Chris showed up early and was helping up prep the trailer for the move, We lowered the stabilizer jacks and backed up his 2002 Ford F350 7.3L 4×4 Dually and hooked him up the the house and away he went!

We laid plywood down for a driveway over the bark

We laid plywood down for a driveway over the bark




Hopefully he will make it through all the trees i trimmed!

Hopefully he will make it through all the trees i trimmed!

Here we go, no turning back now that we are on public roads!

Just clearing fine!

Just clearing fine!

Swinging wide to avoid the power lines
Dodging limbs!
So many branches!
After this point we stopped because there was some low hanging branches that prevented us from moving forward and we had to stop and block traffic on one lane while i went back and grabbed a chainsaw and bigger ladder (Highly recommend bring those!)

Now here is a video clip of the point after we finished trimming the last of the low hanging branches and finally get to get up to speed and enter the freeway. This video is an unedited go pro clip of about 17mins. but the most interesting part is when we are on the freeway and you can see how a little bit of wind can make a tiny house sway at freeway speeds. This was a scary moment for us and it looked much worse when we were following the Tiny House and at this point we were so happy to have hired a professional!



That was some sway huh?

This is why having a experienced driver is worth the money! I asked Chris afterwards if that was common and he said “Yeah, every Tiny House i have towed sways like that. There is no shocks on the trailer and sometimes they can be squirrely on the freeway. After all it is like towing a huge box.”

We were so happy to have that behind us and we do not plan on taking it on the freeway again if we can ever help it!

Yay!!! More trees to trim!

Yay!!! More trees to trim!


The rest of the trek went very smoothly with some branches here and there and then we can finally see our final resting place… Then we hit a branch! once last stupid branch holding us back.


Stupid Stupid Branch!

Stupid Stupid Branch!


We made the whole trip with no issues and no damage then the very last branch makes a dent. A cosmetic dent but still a dent! (We ended up picking of a new piece of roofing material to replace the dented piece) Once again we needed to bring out the big guns (The Chainsaw) and cut this branch down!

Powerman Ray

Powerman Ray


My good friend Ray and our MVP for the whole entire build happily hopped up on the ladder and chopped the limb up so we could clear it and make it to our new spot!


The Beast That Made It Happen

The Beast That Made It Happen


Our New Home!

Our New Home!


The Entertaining Abode Has Arrived!

What a relief!  That was money well spent and we could not be more happier to have such a talented and skilled driver like Jonathan and Coast to Coast Transportation move our Tiny House. We would highly recommend to anyone in need to moving anything especially a Tiny House to call Chris Friend at 321-258-7144 ( [email protected] ) He is the master when is comes to moving Tiny Houses and we will use him without a doubt in the future!


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  1. Sean Burke

    Hi, I really enjoyed watching your house built. It came together very nicely and the deck seems so well integrated. Question about the move: how many miles did you go and how much did Dave charge you for the move. Just trying to understand a ballpark estimate in case I want to go the route of a professional driver when it comes time to move mu BentoBox. Cheers.

  2. Greenfireflygirl

    Why didn’t you say how far you were going, or how much it cost? Probably the only two pieces of evidence that would have helped anyone in making a choice.

    1. Jen

      There are many variables in determining a fair rate for moving any freight. Season, freight market density, long haul vs local (anything under 100 miles) all are factors in determining what a fair market rate is. Short hauls always cost more per mile because they still require at least 2-4 hrs set up (load) time and off set time. I move freight 365 days a year. The same load can vary by 50% in the same 12 months. Or on a long haul the rate can be double if going to a area with a low number of backhauls. This load, if it moved in the winter, 50 miles, probably moved for somewhere between 350-500 or more, if the driver was deadheading more than 50 miles to get to the shipment. I base that on a 4-6 hr total time from pull in, hook up, transport, and disconnect. It’s a power only load. You’re not just paying him to move your piece. You’re paying him for the empty miles to your location, and the empty miles from your destination back to his base, cost of fuel, cost of insurance and book keeping / invoicing, equipment cost and maintenance, and the higher tax rate that a self employed person pays.

      If you’re shopping for a mover, consider moving your house in the dead of winter Dec – Feb when the drivers are slow. Any legal driver will carry 1M in vehicle liability and 100K in cargo insurance. Ask for their motor carrier number and check their safety record through FMCSA. Ask them to provide a certificate of insurance naming YOU as the certificate holder. Also, if the rate is over $700, get a W-9. It’s just good business. If they can’t or won’t do all that, they’re flakes and you don’t want them moving your home.

      1. Greenfireflygirl

        I understand there are variables, but don’t know what a ballpark figure is. Did it cost you 3000$? Did it cost 300$? I’ve had quotes for moving, just not for moving a house, and now at least I have an idea that if it’s more than 700$ I need a W-9 so it’s probably going to be around that or a little less. Right?

    2. Greenfireflygirl

      oh, didn’t see this reply till after I sent the other, you’re right, that is pretty reasonable.

    1. Joshua

      Yes the deck is already installed In a slightly newer configuration. I moved it after the house and it was moved in my 18ft dump trailer

  3. JwS

    What are our thoughts on having a tiny house in cold climate area? We live in Wisconsin so winters are harsh. Any foreseeable issues with freezing water lines, plumbing, or heating? By the way, nice book collection on the shelf in the picture, bro.

  4. drgrn

    Very helpful moving info – thanks! Our bigger issue is that we purchased an 8×25 tiny home but are having NO luck finding a place to park it in CA Central Valley. Any suggestions?

  5. Dawson Russell

    Thanks for all the information, do you think the sway is because of the length of your Tiny House as well?

    1. Joshua

      You’re welcome! I think it has more to do with the box shape of the “load” and the sheer height of it. No tiny house is aerodynamic thats for sure

  6. Meghan

    Does the 32ft dimension include the loft bump outs or is that just the dimension for the floor? And was a special permit required?

    1. Joshua

      Yes it includes the loft bump outs, the length of the trailer is 28ft and no special permits required.

  7. David Cantlin

    If I were building a house on your trailer, when the time came to attach the galvanized sheet metal, I would probably would have used my JD tractor w/front loader and flipped it over!

  8. Ande

    Sorry if you’ve already said this, but your house looks like the perfect size for me. Where did you get it and how big is it again?

  9. Colby

    i did not see but do you have any idea of weight of materials and trailer seperate and then as a whole unit ?

  10. Colby

    im thinking of doing similar build w/ 8’x18′ low height not over 11′ anyway . have yall built similar size and if so what was end weight ?

  11. Colby

    thank you for your answers they have helped me to figure the weight to length ratio and where axles should be placed etc… THANK YOU

  12. Ronnie

    Does a tiny house, say 10 by 30, have to be built on a teailer? Or can it be moved built on the ground?

  13. Pauline

    Thank you for this post! I have just completed my tiny house build and am looking for a mover. So very helpful information.

    1. Joshua Engberg

      We would recommend our shipper Coast 2 Coast Transportation, we use them for all our tiny house and trailer shipments 321-557-8755

  14. Shari

    Kind of off subject, but are these tiny homes totally self contained? Water/sewage/ power?? Or do you have to find a place to put it with those things already in place? Love the concept but it sounds like ppl expect to pick these up and go else where after a few weeks, or months. Are they accepted at RV parks?

    1. Joshua Engberg

      they can be either self contained or reliant on utilities it all depends on the design and the desires of the builder or owner. yes they are accepted in rv parks all across the us

  15. Michele

    As above, thank you. THANK YOU. You just don’t know how valuable all the info above was to me.

    One can’t get a substantial, loan on property with a movable home. At least not the value it would have once home is placed. A bit of an issue if we are unable to find property already plumbed. electric, etc. Lines for those utilities are expensive, and unexpected costs can arise.

    I live in WA state and I’m finding that there are several “shells” for sale at very reasonable prices, within less than a 100 mile radius of my location. That route would save a good deal of of weight on moving. Not to mention the time savings and the ability to at least sleep there while completing the home. I’m looking for around 400 Sq ft and prices range from $9000 to $17,000. At least that’s my cap.

    Like most seeking this lifestyle, besides downsizing, are the economics. I currently live in a lovely 7 year old 1,900 sf manufactured home in a park, paid for, with space rental of $425/mo. There are tons of rules one must adhere to, neighbors within feet, and rent keeps rising. Got one over a barrel; what’re going to do, move it?? Nope. Sell.
    Listing around $54/55k. Comparable homes sell for more like $60 & up but I don’t want to wait around.

    Shooting for late spring, early summer and your post will make that very doable for me. I’ll update herein later in case anyone is interested in my experience.

  16. M

    So disappointed, to read this and see no mention of cost not even a ball park. Yes, we know there are variable but ball parking still helps. A simple our trailer was x big, we moved x miles and it cost us x dollars would have been so helpful. Your house is beautiful but I feel duped.

    1. Joshua Engberg

      im sorry you feel duper but its just not as easy to calculate that even with the thousands of trailers we have assisted moving for our customers. if you want the rougest of quotes i would save $2-3 a mile with a minimum of $500 to cover most moves.

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