12ft Wide Trailers Now Available In Texas and Pennsylvania Locations

12ft wide Tiny House Trailer

Tiny House Basics is proud to now offer 12ft wide Tiny House Trailer frames with customer widths from 10ft to 12ft wide from our Texas Location. These trailers will be available in Standard Deck, Deckover and With Drop Axles. These Frames will utilize our Custom 10ft wide Axles as well. The first one to roll out of production was a 45ft x 12ft wide Trailer with a quad 7k Axle Setup This trailer has a 11.5ft wide deck and with siding and trim will be 12ft wide. We can also do a 12ft wide deck, The Reason our customer choose a 11ft 5in wide deck is to limit the oversized transport cost by keeping it at 12ft wide and under. The standard Axle location will be 60% the back from the front of the deck to the center of the axles, (For more info on axle location, Please See our Fenders Article) For this trailer shown we did a custom layout for our customer with the axles moved more towards the back to fit their floor plan and raised master bedroom which will be located where the fenders are shown. For our 12ft Wide Trailers the distance between the fenders will be 96″ wide if a standard deck is chosen. Standard deck height is 28″ above grade with the 8″ box tube frame and 24″ with the 4″ Drop Axles. When Choosing a trailer in lengths of over 30ft we highly recommend getting the quad axle 28k Capacity to properly handle the load.

Here is a Illustration of the 45ft x 11.5ft Wide Model shown in pictures

Standard Specifications for the 11.5ft to 12ft wide Models

NEW “2023″ 45ft x 12ft wide 28K HD TINY HOUSE TRAILER , with (4) EZ-Lube HD 7K Axles, 8-Wheel Brakes,  (4) 7K Brake Axles,  8″ x 2″ x 1/4″ BOX TUBE MAIN FRAME,  6”x 2” Box-Tub Outer-Frame, 16” 8-Lug Wheels, 16” 10-Ply Radial Tires,  11’ 6” Wide Deck Front/Rear of Fenders, 96” Width between fenders, HD 4”x 2”  Box-Tube Cross-Members spaced approx. every 16” placed Flush w/top-of-frame), HD rated 2 5/16” Adjustable Coupler, Twin 12K Drop-Leg Front Jacks, Seal Beam Lights,  Break-A-Way Kit,  Flat Fenders, Safety Chains, 7-Way Connector Plug, Fully Painted Black & MFG Warranty

Model 28K – 45ft x 12ft wide Tiny House Trailer


11FT 6in  Wide Deck, front/rear of fenders – INCLUDED

10FT Wide Axles/Fenders – INCLUDED

2 5/16” Adjustable Coupler – INCLUDED

Cross-members placed flush with Top of Frame – INCLUDED

Second 12k Jack on Front of Deck – INCLUDED

16” spacing on Crossmembers inside

main frame and on outriggers – INCLUDED

Location of wheels wells 6ft from rear of Trailer – INCLUDED

Wrap-A-Round Frame Option (deck wider than axles) – INCLUDED

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