The Duo Who Does It All with Joshua and Shelley Engberg


Originally posted on TinyHouseBlog

You don’t have to appreciate Marvel Comics to enjoy this week’s interview with the dynamic duo of tiny houses, Josh and Shelley. Long before their episode on “Tiny House Nation” aired, this young power couple was already moving their lives in a direction which focused on freedom, travel, and using their talents to help others achieve their dream. And if you think that living in a tiny house with someone would be a challenge, just imagine living AND working together WITH two dogs underfoot. With a lot of work, sweat, and tears, these two have carved out a pretty impressive corner of the tiny house world; and there is nothing “TINY” or “BASIC” about the thriving business they have created. Equally impressive is their refusal to sacrifice quality or what they love (Finally! We meet someone who loves shoes and clothes as much as Michelle does!?) Every time we see their 374 sq foot tiny house on wheels, or hear their story, we are even more convinced that this is a couple who is bound for bigger and better things and whose hard work will continue to reap BIG benefits. If you are looking for inspiration to pursue your tiny house dream but have more questions than answers, we know you’ll really love this week’s interview, as well as Josh and Shelley’s new book “Tiny House Basics – Living the Good Life in Small Spaces”



Tiny House Basics