Tiny House Plans Now Available!

 We are happy to announce the floor plans for our 374 sq ft Tiny House is now Available! To celebrate we are offering a very special pre sale price to kick off the sale. Included with the purchase of our Tiny House Floor Plans is a Huge Discount on the matching Tiny House Trailer! Free Drop Axles Upgrade & Free Flush Cross … Read More

Dropped Axles On a Tiny House Trailer

When building your Tiny House there is a few limitations in size to adhere to, one of those being the max federal height of 13’6″ tall. How can you maximize your tiny house and still stay under that 13’6″ requirement? One of the most popular ways is to use the Trailer as the subfloor as seen here. the other is … Read More

New Tiny House Shells Including The Trailer

New 2020 Custom Tiny House Shells Including The Trailer! Built In California The Tiny House movement should be about affordability and a high quality end product. Many people just like us are looking for more affordable options for Housing and that is why many of us choose to build our own Tiny House with our own hands on a Tiny … Read More

Our Customers & Their Tiny House Trailers

We wanted to showcase the truly unlimited options you have when designing a Tiny House Trailer when you order through us. In this post we will show you our customers trailers that we have personally delivered (plus ones that sent of photos). This shows the examples of how they built their trailer to be specific for the needs of their … Read More

The Cook’s Essential Tiny House Kitchen

Shelley just wrote a article that is featured in this months issue of Tiny House Magazine on what it is like cooking in a tiny house kitchen and how important the design is beforehand. I feel very privileged to not only have the most amazing wife but also to enjoy her excellent cooking on a daily basis!

Interview With “Fancy” Tiny House Dwellers

Lately, there has been a lot of interest in what it’s like to actually like to live in a Tiny House Especially a “Fancy Tiny House”  So here is a interview we did for a Home Magazine a few month back with some additional questions and answers.

Propane Usage In A Tiny House

Downsizing to a tiny house you will automatically assume that you will use much less power that you ever did before, but how much do actually use when living in a tiny house? We thought we would touch on that with each our Utilities (Water, Solar, Electricity and Gas) starting with Gas or in our case propane. Like Many Rvs, … Read More

What To Do If You Have Pets In A Tiny House?

A lot of people have dogs and love their beloved fur balls, us included! But when it comes to keeping them contained at times, such as after a nice rain when they come in with muddy paws, there aren’t many options to keeping them sectioned off without having a large bulky gate that can’t be hidden or a big space … Read More

Updated Walkthrough Version 2.0

Since our last Walkthroughs we have moved locations to a more sunny and scenic spot among the blue oak trees of Northern California. We have made many changes and are continuing to change things as we settle in. Come inside and see what we did!