Moving The Tiny House

A subject that brings fear and nervousness to anyone out there who has spent countless hours and dollars building their bite dream home and we were no different. For many people when that time comes it may be the first time you have ever towed anything at all so it can be quite scary to have so much riding on … Read More

Tiny House Walk Through (Interior)

Version 1 Here we are, what everyone wants to see: The Interior! For Shelley and i it was only 7 months ago and these were all just ideas on a pad of paper. Now we are living in the reality of it all and interacting with everything we dreamed up and it came out better than we expected. please follow … Read More

Tiny House Walk Through (Exterior)

Version 1 I say version 1 because as we live in our tiny house much will change and adjust to fit our needs. Version 1 is how our house looks after the reveal on Tiny House Nation For Our episode “224 sq ft Entertaining Abode” if you have not seen the episode yet, check it out here: Stayed tuned on … Read More

Clever Outdoor Storage Thanks To Tiny House Nation!

If you have seen our recent episode of Tiny House Nation then you would have easily noticed that i have a tons of tools in my old man garage. These are tools I have collected since I first starting working on cars when i was around 15 years old. whether you are a woodworker, builder or a mechanic, most tools … Read More

We Are On Tiny House Nation!!

Check Out Our Full Episode Free Online Now At Episode can also be found on: HULU Amazon Instant Video Google Play ITunes     Tiny House Nation: 224 Sq Ft Entertaining Abode Josh and Shelley are a young couple in Northern California who own a moving and hauling business. They love to entertain friends and serve their famous specialty … Read More

The Trailer Has Arrived… Time To Pick It Up!

  After searching and negotiating with many trailer manufactures we settled on a tiny house trailer manufacturer out of washington state. it was priced very well and we were able to customize it to our exact needs for our own tiny house. here is what we went with:  

How “Large” Do We Build Our Tiny House?

After a lot of thinking we decided on 28ft, although we would both prefer to have it larger I feel there is a middle ground to find with having too large of a house and too small. The smaller the house would make parking much easier along with towing, but it would greatly limit what we wanted to carry out … Read More