New 2017 Custom Tiny House Shells Including The Trailer!

Built In California & Oregon

The Tiny House movement should be about affordability and a high quality end product. Many people just like us are looking for more affordable options for Housing and that is why many of us choose to build our own Tiny House with our own hands on a Tiny Scale, But what if you are overwhelmed by the actual construction of your new Tiny House or you do not feel you may have the skills to take care of the heavy labor part of framing? We have the perfect cost effective solution for you: A Custom Built Tiny House Shell!

For Shelley and I alot of the fun when designing our Tiny House came from designing the interior to fit our needs and desires. Many of our customers ask us  how they can speed up the process of going tiny without spending a fortune, so we decided to partner with Two very experienced Tiny House builders to offer Tiny House Shells at a great price using our Tiny House Trailers this way many people can get right to the fun part of going tiny by finishing the interior with the hard parts already done for them. There is no reason a tiny house shell should cost over $30K. We are now offering Brand New Tiny House Shells starting at $8999 for 12ft Tiny Houses, this even includes the 102″ Wide Tiny House Trailer built by in Washington (the same manufacturer that built our Tiny House Trailer) or Built in Los Angeles for our California Tiny House Shell Builder



Tiny House Shells In Oregon & San Francisco Bay Area, California

What The Tiny House Shells Include:


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If you have any questions on this tiny house or you would like a custom quote on your own tiny house trailer or shell:

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