New 2021 Custom Tiny House Shells Including The Trailer!

Built In California

The Tiny House movement should be about affordability and a high quality end product. Many people just like us are looking for more affordable options for Housing and that is why many of us choose to build our own Tiny House with our own hands on a Tiny Scale, But what if you are overwhelmed by the actual construction of your new Tiny House or you do not feel you may have the skills to take care of the heavy labor part of framing? We have the perfect cost effective solution for you: A Custom Built Tiny House Shell!

For Shelley and I alot of the fun when designing our Tiny House came from designing the interior to fit our needs and desires. Many of our customers ask us how they can speed up the process of going tiny without spending a fortune, so we decided offer Tiny House Shells at a great price using our Tiny House Trailers this way many people can get right to the fun part of going tiny by finishing the interior with the hard parts already done for them. There is no reason a tiny house shell should cost over $40K. We are now offering Brand New Tiny House Shells starting at $19,699, this even includes the 102″ Wide Tiny House Trailer built in Southern California.


Tiny House Shells In San Francisco Bay Area, California

What The Tiny House Shells Include:

  • Exterior Walls: 2×4 studs @ 16″ on center, Permanent let-in bracing, Bolted to trailer frame @ 4′ on center except over wheel wells, Vapor barrier house wrap
  • Exterior Siding: Standard T1-11, pre-primed, 8″ on center siding, Corners trimmed with 3/4×4 LP, pre-primed trim
  • Insulated Floor: Minimum R-13 fiberglass, 2×4 floor framing attached to trailer, 3/4″ OSB Subfloor, Frame covered with vapor barrier house wrap
  • Vaulted Ceilings: 2×6 Roof framing, Standard 1/2″ sheathing, Hurricane ties on every truss, High-grade synthetic roof wrap
  • Roofing: Bruce and Dana Snaplock roofing and flashing w/ 30 yr warranty, available in a variety of colors
  • Roof Style: Standard gable or shed style roof w/ maximum allowable eves for water shedding
  • Windows: 4 included (including egress) Vinyl sliding, double paned, Low-e, tempered glass, Any size under 4′ x 4′ ** Each loft must include an egress window, this is accomplished with a 3′ x 2′ casement window at no additional cost

All The Info You Need On Our Tiny Shells

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Tiny House Basics’ Floor Plans

Joshua Engberg & Shelley Engberg


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If you have any questions on this tiny house or you would like a custom quote on your own tiny house trailer or shell:

Please email us at [email protected] or Call Us At 925-322-0541

15 Comments on “Tiny House Shells”

  1. Gail

    We’d like a design for the main loft only 4-5 feet from ground level. The lower level to take a queen bed and the upper level designed as the living room. Infloor heating on lower level to be installed by us.

  2. Roger Sivley

    Wanting to put B&B on our property. Interested in 24′ with full-queen size bed on one end and loft on other end. Would like to see other available plans for 24 ‘. Thank you

  3. Meleana

    On the Big Island of Hawaii. Looking to see quotes for homes o. Wheels. we own a half an acre. Highlights would be big living area, a desk area. We want the smallest possible kitchen and an upper loft space for bedding. I work on a Mac nut farm and my other half works for our family solar company.

  4. Lisa

    We’re looking for a main floor bedroom plan and a guest loft. Do you have any thing like this? Approx. 9×30. Cost for shell and also complete with trailer, of course.
    Thank you very much for your time.

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