The maximum width of a trailer than can be on the road without permits is 8ft 6in wide (102”) not including the tires. Any size over the 102” width will require a permit from each state the tiny house is traveling through. These permits can range in price from $14 to $50 per day and some states even offer “Annual Passes” for transporting a larger than 102” wide trailer. When a trailer exceeds 10ft in width there is some added restrictions depending on the state and it is best to check your local state’s Department of Transportation for details. We build our deck widths on our tiny house trailers in widths from 90” to 102” wide. You can choose any width in that range. Many people who do not plan to move their tiny house often choose the max standard width of 102” wide for their deck, with siding and trim this will make the finished width over the 102” allowable for travel on public roads without a permit. If you plan to travel often or want to make sure your finished tiny house is under the allowable width, we recommend choosing a deck width of 99” or below, this will give you ample room for sheathing, siding and trim to remain under the 102” width required for travel on public roads. In addition to our Extra Wide Tiny House Trailers, we do offer oversized 10ft wide models. These trailers are only available from our California, Texas and Pennsylvania locations. The lead time on these trailers is a few weeks longer than our standard trailers due to the custom 120” special axles used for these tiny house trailers. To obtain a permit to move a 10ft wide trailer, you can purchase them through most states Department of Transportations website.