Did you Say Coffee Shop Tiny House? Yes Please!

Junction Coffee was established in 2014. We took a 1974 Bristol Double Decker Bus and transformed it into a mobile coffee shop. Now we are proud to present the Junction Coffee Tiny House! A hybrid of stationary and mobile that will continue to bring great friends together over great coffee in a one of a kind environment! We love operating downtown Oklahoma City, but we decided it was time to stretch our legs and go beyond.
For the past 4 years we have worked hard to not only serve great coffee, but to build an intentional kind of community that expresses acceptance and worth to all people. A place where one can be known and know they belong. It has been our hope that the community formed around the bus, would grow and expand into the city and begin to transform the way we see the world and, consequently, live our lives. Making not just coffee, but our homes, workplaces and our very lives expressions of the kind of belonging and self worth the bus brings. Junction Coffee Tiny House is a way to take that vision beyond the immediate downtown area and engage the surrounding cities in that same dream. That way the Tiny House will help build bridges with more cities in the area, more demographics and more social situations.
The bus and tiny house will still operate in consistent areas so that deeper community can be formed. But, in addition, both venues will continue to engage in special events and private parties as a way of growing our connections so that our community may come alongside people doing good in our cities. Whether it’s place-making, raising awareness, voting or even raising funds for a worthy cause, we want to be there! We want to help make the world suck a little less by sharing hope, love, and acceptance to all. 
At the end of the day we want to build relationships, expand communities, and enjoy great coffee together, and thanks to the Tiny House we can do that in more places than just downtown! Together we can make this dream into a reality.
Eric Ponder
Junction Coffee Tiny House, LLC