Save Huge On a Tiny House Soft Water System!

Last year when we moved to our new home we had a issue that was immediately apparent in our water supply. The problem was it was incredibly hard! Most city water and well water supplies will have this problem and we made this video to show you how to determine if you also have hard water.

To solve this, last year we picked up the Double Standard from On The Go Portable Water Softener as you can see in the below picture. This system has worked flawlessly and has made our water flowing into the tiny house very soft which preserves our appliances, helps soap lather faster and better and makes our hair feel healthier. For more info Please visit Water Usage in A Tiny House 

20160220_092229 (1)

Our On The Go Portable Water Softener has worked so well, we decided to upgrade our system to the full size park model which will give us a larger time frame between when we need to recharge the system. for more info on the recharge process, please see the video below

Here is the Upgraded Softener and the largest capacity system On The Go offers, the Park Model.


But what about this “Save Huge” claim i made on the title of this article? We talked to our friends over at On The Go Portable Water Softener and we asked them to share the love with the Tiny House Community and now they are offering a HUGE discount of 40% off any Soft Water System.¬†This system is a must have for any Tiny House water supply. Our water softener has become one of our favourite appliances in our tiny house because the benefits are huge and it saves us from dry hair and damaged appliances.