Find Land NOW For Your Tiny House!

How Do You Start Finding Land For Your Tiny House?

Before even considering life in a Tiny House we realized our first step was to downsize. In the process of doing this, we decided to simplify a number of things. The first being cable television. With streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon it’s not that hard to give up on cable like it would have been a decade or so ago. We still have our “must watch” shows like Shark Tank, to be specific.

If you’re not familiar with Shark Tank, it is a reality competition wherein five investors sit on a panel to rate potential business entrepreneurs as they take turns pitching their product or service to the investors hoping for business savvy and financial support. It comes down to two different types of products: the ones that sell themselves — you see it and you know exactly what it is, what it does and how it can make your life better, a no-brainer so to speak. The second type is the kind that needs a pitch; it needs to be explained and it needs to be shown how it can benefit the consumer. Most of these latter products are better fitted for outlets like QVC or the Home Shopping Network where someone can show you the product and explain the benefits to you. So it serves to reason that tiny houses are like the second type of product in more ways than one.

When you first see a tiny house you may not understand why someone would want to live in such a small space (I know we did!). With time, effort and research we soon became sold on the idea, but that’s a story for another time. (that other time is covered in detail in our Best Selling Book: Tiny House Basics, Living the Good Life in Small Spaces) The part I want to focus on is the consumer education we have to do to “sell” the tiny house idea to prospective landowners when we search for a place to park our tiny house.

Resources To Find Land NOW for your Tiny House

The first place most people will look (myself included) when trying to find a place to park their tiny house is on good ‘ol Craigslist. This is a very good platform to post a wanted ad; has been and will continue to be. You can take your time and craft an ad that may be appealing to a landowner as well as educational regarding the movement for those that are not familiar. The biggest challenge I’ve personally had with this route is no matter what section you post in on Craigslist you still need someone in that area who is on the same website that has land and is searching for a tenant. That part is extremely rare. There is so many people out there that have open land, that may be open to renting it out, but honestly do not even know what a tiny house is. They require an educational investment before you can even discuss business at all. The majority of the responses I have gotten to my tiny house ads on Craigslist can be narrowed down to three different categories:

  1. The people seeking more information that almost immediately say they do not have land but are very interested in the movement.
  2. The people that have land, have been searching Craigslist for tenants, and are asking very high rental rates for the privilege to park your house on their land.
  3. The genuine people that have land, do not expect a fortune for rent, and are open to discussing the idea further.

Unfortunately the third types of responses are very few and far between. In our region we have been actively posting on Craigslist looking for land for a period of six months before we even started building and although we had found many good leads, they tend to be very far from our search area as we wanted to stay near to San Francisco. (April 2018 Update: as the movement grows and more people are becoming aware of tiny houses, the amount of parking spots has greatly increased. we often get emails from landlords offering their land which we will usually in turn pass those leads to our Tiny House Trailer customers)

One day I was talking to a friend about our search for land and he suggested the website Nextdoor – a sort of social network for your immediate area. I had never heard of it before so I went home and checked it out. Intrigued, I signed up, which involved me proving I lived where I did via billing address or a postcard sent to the address with a special code. This way it actually confirms you live where you say you do. At first I thought this was a little strange but I went along with it. What I found was a pretty nice community among my actual neighbors and I felt I could lower my guard, as these people are not anonymous like those you would find on craigslist. I then posted several ads in the classified section for our tiny house and the desire to find land. The response was multiples times that of what I ever got from craigslist and I was even able to go out scouting properties and talking to my neighbors in a matter of days. I would highly encourage anyone who is actively looking for land to check out this website and App. You may be surprised at the responses you receive. During our search through NextDoor we found 2 great leads on properties to park in the city which we lived in. We went out and met the landowners and surveyed the parking spots but after many discussions my wife and i decided they were not ideal for our situation so we kept on the hunt!

Both NextDoor, Craigslist and even posting on Facebook use a very passive approach: you create an ad, post it, and wait, hoping for the best. Just Like a typical infomercial or even product spot on QVC, the host will show you how something was done before (like perhaps cutting vegetables) using an inferior product like a cheap knife. You can see him struggling with the relatively small task and in a mound of frustration he yells: “There must be a better way!” Like that same infomercial host I keep thinking to myself over and over: “There must be a better way!” Then it hit me. Instead of casting a wide net hoping to catch any fish that will come my way, why don’t I simply focus my efforts on what I am looking for.

Most of the ad responses I’ve received offering land we’re offering them far from where I wanted to live. So what if we went to areas that we liked and could actually park a tiny house and started our search there? My wife and I then figured out our game plan. We would go to neighborhoods in our local community, which have the size lots that we could actually park our tiny house on and start talking to the neighbors and introducing ourselves and explaining to them what we were looking for and what a tiny house even is. To assist in this process we designed a Postcard we could leave with people. On the front of the Postcard it has a picture of us, a picture of a tiny house that we like and a little story about us. On the opposite side we printed a link to our website and a list of skills we can offer in addition to rent. We really tried to put ourselves in our neighbors’ shoes and think about what would make us appealing to have as tenants on their property. It is easy to get wrapped up in the reasons for going tiny that we forget to think about why would someone want to have us on their land, what do we bring to the table that would make it hard to resist renting to us? When we have genuine interest in our neighbor and not just ourselves it can make this a much more enjoyable process. Granted, this is not an easy way to find land. It takes a lot of physical and mental effort, but throughout this journey and with the dozens of neighbors we’ve talked to, we’ve received lots of positive responses after our initial explanation.

Hitting The Pavement To Find Land NOW for your Tiny House

When we started this approach we just planned on going to every door in a particular neighborhood, but after some time we decided to just focus on properties we could actually physically park on. In our area we have a lot of rural land and hilly terrain with houses tucked away from the main road. This will take a good amount of planning and execution, but for us personally, this has worked out better than we could have imagined. In addition, we have met some awesome people in the process. In the end we had 5 properties to choose from, One of those we choose to build on and the other we choose to move our tiny house to after construction and live on. We are so happy and fortunate to have found amazing and genuine people to rent from and now we have been in our current spot for over a 3 and 1/2  years and we are loving every minute of it!

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54 Comments on “Find Land NOW For Your Tiny House!”

  1. Sara

    This is such a great article! I’m moving from Utah to Northern California in July and the biggest struggle has been trying to find land for my tiny house. Thank you thank you for some encouragement!!

  2. ryan

    I love the next door option. Would you be able to post the message you used on Nextdoor for reference?

      1. Genna Poletti

        What kind of power hookup and amperage does your house require? My tiny house uses a 50 amp RV outlet so im finding that to be incredibly limiting when looking for land.

        1. Joshua Engberg

          Hello Genna,

          We have the 50 amp rv plug too but we dont pull 50amps, no where near that. i wired up a adapter for our 50amp connection to a standard 120v 15amp connection so in the case of a power outtage we can power the tiny house off a small generator.

  3. Crespo

    RV’s and Tiny House welcome to rent in my 10 acre property in Clermont, Florida 34711 just 30 minutes from the Disney theme parks, about a mile from big box stores like Bjs, Walmart Supercenter, Kmart, Target. Restaurants, Hospitals, Entertainment and much more. A little piece of country living within the city. Email for information.

    1. Bonnie

      Crespo, what’s your email address? I’m over in Celebration. I plan to either build or purchase a Tiny Home in the next year. I’d love to be able to purchase a shell and build the inside. But since I live in a condo I need a space.
      Shoot me an email!

    2. Ronda

      Crespo do you still have availability in the Clermont area?
      Would love a small home of my own but can’t find land.

  4. desyrae krause

    For any off grid tiny house people, we have 20 acres in Weitchpec California in association with a nonprofit wildlife rehabilitation facility. Couple of good caretakers needed just to help look after the place. Good for retired, fixed income souls who just want to live in the woods, help with projects, etc. Carpentry skills would be helpful. Love of animals a must. [email protected]

  5. Moneik

    Looking for a place to park our huge THOW (32×13.5) in the Oregon areas. Wanting to be near active towns

  6. Lisa Stanley

    The Tiny House Movement is phenomenal. My only exposure is by way of television. I am intrigued, and will find a way to offer rental of my 7 acres outside of Binghamton, NY.

  7. Shari B.

    We will be opening our Tiny house community 40min outside of Birmingham, AL.
    Will have all hookups and sewer.

  8. Anthony

    Thanks for writing this article! I was wondering what you guys started off with, price-wise and service-wise, as an offer to land owners?


    1. Joshua Engberg

      We at first left it open ended up see what the going rates were for landowners, the average cost is seems depending on amenities is around $500 a month

  9. Rachel

    Thank you Josh for posting a picture if our tiny house in your amazing article! Nextdoor was the game changer for us when we found land aswell. The process for my husband and I was very similar to what you had experience, and wrote in your article. With dedication, patience and determination, we found land to rent, from a most wonderful woman, who could not be more kind-hearted, and supportive to the tiny house movement. We are very fortunate to be part of the tiny-house community!

  10. Leslie

    My husband and I are in our mid 40s and sick of the rat race. We are seriously considering selling it all and building a tiny house. We would like to move out West (Nevada or California) but we do not know where to start. Do we move to a tiny home community or just buy land? Any help is appreciated. We are looking for some resources.

    Thank You

    1. Joshua Engberg

      Both are great options for many tiny house dwellers, there is a few communities popping up but we have found that most of our customers rent private land versus buying

  11. Tia

    Are there anyone wanting to rent or sell land in dakota county in mn? I’ve been researching and trying to communicate with zoning. We currently live in eagan mn which I love but all I get are dead ends. My name is Tia. A family of 3. My fiance, my daughter and myself. 2 cats and 2 bunnies. I’ve been really wanting to downsize since it makes sense for our budget . We tried looking for houses in the area ,but cant afford much for a traditional home. So I have been very fascinated with the tiny home movement and think it could work for us , if only we could find land in this area to put a tiny home on. Any information would be greatly appreciated 😊

  12. Raymond & Sharon M Walsh

    I have land 26 acres with my small vacation cabin on it. It has streams and mountain views. 20 min. to Shopping/Hospital. Electric, water, parking pad and driveway on site. East of Cumberland Md. Contact me for further details

    1. ChristineP

      Are you still looking to rent out land on your MD property? I would love to put my tiny house there.

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  14. Maxine Kearney

    I would love to find property near Oviedo, Fl (32765) for a tiny house! Thank you for any information….

  15. Shirley Weinrich

    I am a soon to be retired single girl looking in the Catskills area of NY for land to buy for my future tiny house. Would love to have electric hook up and water but not a total necessity. Secluded, possibly running water that I can hear?

  16. Sarah Troyer

    We are located in western Montana about 45 minutes from Sandpoint Idaho home of Schweitzer Mountain ski resort! Locally we have some of the best fishing in the north west, and are surrounded by national forest! Considering developing a tiny home community with water and electric hook-ups. Anyone interested?

  17. Diana J Nichols

    My name is Diana, I am retired on a fixed income, I hope to purchase a Tiny home ASAP. My Tiny will be solar dependent, with a wood stove. I will need water, well water is great. Seclusion a must. I have exc credit,rental,and criminal references. I reside in Corbett, Oregon in a small rural area called Aims. I have been here for 16 years. Property owner is selling. I cannot afford a mortgage on a $700,000 property. This area has been my home. I would love to stay in the community. I am a quiet person who loves to work in the yard. I am searching for a 4-ever land lease in a rural community in Oregon. Please net work for me, I could sure use a out stretched hand. Thank you, Diana

  18. Brian Hurling

    Just came across this website. My wife and are buying a tiny bit land options in Southen Cali seem to be a little challenging. Anybody know any firm areas to park?

    1. Joshua Engberg

      Hello Brian, We often get emails for offers on places to park, we keep a list of these for customers in those areas. The Firm areas to park change as they get filled by occupants.

  19. Eric

    Thanks Joshua for posting this article again in the forum.
    This is really encouraging to know you found a place by putting yourself in the neighborhood and meeting people and advocating for your needs.
    I too live in the Bay Area (east bay)
    And would love to find a cute little spot not too far from Richmond.
    How about the zoning issue??
    Is it only a problem if you park in a city? Did you have to address/ deal with this in any way?
    Thanks for all you are doing.

  20. Karen

    There are a lot of really great people on here! I’m looking for a space to park/rent near Hillsboro, OR. I know Washington County doesn’t technically allow THOW’s but I need to be as close to my elderly mother as possible and that’s where she is. If anyone knows of a farm or something out that way, I would be so grateful to hear from you.

  21. Jenna Hendrick

    Thank you for the article. We will continue our efforts in searching for land. In the event that anyone comes across my comment here, my partner and I are currently building our tiny home out of our 53 ft tractor trailer and looking for land to rent to park on in Maryland. Preferably in the rural areas between Baltimore and Fredrick county. Please reach out if anyone knows of any availability for something in that area.

    Thank you!

  22. Kam Parker

    Hi, it seems from the comments its ok to let folks I have land in western NC. I have at least one if not two prime parking spots on my property in Asheville, NC. It is very important to me that the leaser would like to be off grid. I have had plenty of people who would park if I provided electricity and sewer… that creates problems for the county I am in. I can provide an extension cord when needed and water to fill tanks, but the whole idea is to move toward sustainable living and I have a beautiful spot for one or two tiny home owners who want to land near our beautiful city and enjoy being on a large one acre pond and ONE mile from the Blueridge parkway. Don’t hesitate to contact me.

    1. Michelle L Davis

      Hello Mr Kam Parker- I am presently in eastern NC (Wilmington) but lived in Hendersonville and out west of Asheville for many years prior. You are in my area of research. 😀 the date on your post is August 31st of this year- So I am wondering what has occurred since then? I would like to connect and meet to learn more about your location and requirements. I am 56 yo , retired on Navy pension , and it is just me in a tiny home. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
      Very respectfully

  23. Moni

    Hello! I love the tiny house movement! We live in northwest area of Las Vegas quiet older community and our home sits on a quarter acre lot. In 6-9 month we should have it ready to rent to tiny house owners! Email me monirdh8

  24. Felicia Massett

    We are looking to Rent out our land and need to know were to start?
    Best sites to post to get the word out?

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  27. T

    I have a lot to rent in a small town in the Canadian Rockies. Great location in town, private.

    Please email for information. Great getaway spot for a Tiny House. Thank you.

    1. Sabrina

      The below comment was for you. If you have instagram, can you message me there? I am at: upstream.rose on there.

  28. Sabrina

    Hi T, I am interested in your lot in the Canadian Rockies. Could we discuss it? How can we privately share contacts?

  29. Velisha K Rector

    Hi. I live in NW Georgia and am looking for a place to put a tiny home. I am having a very hard time, but I’m reaching out to everyone I can. I would be interested in renting land until I can find my own, or if someone would be willing to do an owner finance. I don’t have a lot of money, but I am in dire need. If someone has raw land in the country, that is fine too, just need somewhere to put my tiny house.

  30. vanessa

    Hi! My husband and I are looking to build a tiny home in Lakeland, Fl and would like to know if anyone has a great recommendation for kits out there that are DIY friendly? Our budget is no more than $15,000. We are a family of 4 and looking to build and use it for a couple years while we focus on building our empire and not have to stress about the every day hustle and bustle. Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated!

  31. Tim Windell

    I have land for a tiny home in the heart of the Mt Hood National Forest in Oregon. Near an abundance of outdoor recreational activities as well as several towns and 1 hour from Portalnd.

    [email protected]

  32. Jim

    Researching tiny house options in New Jersey. First specifically where I could park a THOW for a year or so before taking to the road.
    Any advice on purchasing/building and traveling with a THOW would be appreciated.

  33. James T.

    I’ve been living in my THOW for 7 years on a 7 acre property in New England (in MA-under the radar), just north of Boston. I am a self-employed landscape designer and ISA Certified Arborist. I barter rent for taking care of the grounds I live on and carpentry. I’d like to stay in the area, or as close in proximity. I’m exploring options for relocating sometime within the next year or so. I’m in no great hurry and more focused on finding the right situation.

  34. Melanie

    As tiny house owner, would like to offer for $450 rent my half-acre in Ojo Caliente, NM to clean, sober, self sufficient tiny home owner. Site includes water, sewer dump and requires self sufficient electric – lots of sunshine for solar!! Private site with great neighbors. Inquiries with photos of your set up required!
    ONLY appropriate applications will be responded to)
    Please email me: [email protected]

  35. Julia

    Thank you for this article. We have a TOW on our property that needs to move as the town won’t allow it any longer. We are on the MA/NH/ME border. If anyone has a spot, we could really use a lead.

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