What’s in the Shop? Check out the 24ft Rubicon Bay

In addition to the over 400 Tiny House Trailers we build each year from our 5 locations across the US, we also build custom Tiny Houses Shells and full builds. This 24ft x 102″ Tiny House is our latest full build. check out the progress below!

24ft x 102″ wide ” Rubicon Bay” Tiny House 

Trailer: 24ft x 98″ wide 12k Tiny House Basics’ Trailer with 4″ Drop Axles & 12″ Extended Tongue

Exterior Walls  2” x 4” Studs @ 16” on center, Bolted to Trailer metal frame, Hold Downs On Major Framing Members covered with Plastic Tyvek Housewrap – OSB Sheathing

Exterior Siding  LP Smart Siding Pre-Primed and Painted with Sherwin Williams Paint. Corners Trimmed with 1” x 4” House Trim, Pre-Primed and Painted with Sherwin Williams Paint 

Insulated Floor  R-10 Value, ¾” Plywood Floor Bolted to Frame, Frame Covered with Waterproofing Membrane Vapor Barrier

Vaulted Ceiling  Trusses covered with ½” OSB, ** Tar Papered

Roof Style Rubicon Style: Gable A-Frame Style 4/4 pitch, Gable With Full Length Dormer 1/12 Pitch,    

Metal Roof  Full Standing Seam Metal Roof, Ridge, Edge Trim

Exterior Door  6-0 x 6-8 Milgard Styleline Frence Doors in Bronze

Windows (2) 5×5 Double Double Hung / No Grid, 2h x 6w awning (loft) 2h x 6w Slider Egress (loft), (2) 4×4 Double Hung / No Grid, (2) 3×3 Double Hung / No Grid

Interior Details to Follow

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