Tiny Houses On Wheels are now Legal in San Diego!

Tiny Houses Legal In San Diego

Tiny Houses On Wheels are now Legal in San Diego! This is the first city in the region outlining ordinances for tiny houses in backyards along with San Jose, Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, and many others. This is a win-win across the board and makes it easier for our DIY tiny house builders to located parking spots in the area. We have been building @tinyhousetrailers for DIY builders in San Diego since 2015 and even shipped many of our custom tiny houses there as well like the Rubicon pictured above. To make it easier we are going to break down some of the details of the ordinance which is similar to the other cities in California.

1- Movable Tiny Houses must be: Licensed and registered with the California DMV (@tinyhousebasics will handle all the registration on our custom trailers)
2- they shall not be larger than what is allowed on public highways (this means even 10ft wide tiny houses are allowed and all under 14ft in California)
3- exceed 1 story (lofts are not counted in the story) this means per the San Jose requirement, under 16ft tall but we wouldn’t go over 14ft in California as that is the legal height)
4 – cannot move under its own power (schoolies are still not considered tiny houses)
5- cannot have a separate address
6- must be behind the primary house and not in the front yard
7- when parked, wheels, tongue, undercarriage shall be concealed from view
8- no mechanical equipment on the roof
9-shall be connected to water, sewer, and electric (no natural gas allowed, so propane is a go)
10- RV certified or park model certified (can be done on DIY builds and we can help you with that process)
11- if the main house has a fire sprinkler system, the tiny house must as well
12- special requirements when in very high fire hazard zones)

DESIGN ELEMENTS – A Movable Tiny House Must Include the following Design Elements:
A- materials used on the exterior shall not be single-piece composite, laminate or interlocking metal sheathing
B- windows must be double pane glass, labeled for building use and not rounded like on park models or RVs
C-roof shall be sloped to drain over the roof edge, at least 50% must be 2:12 pitch.
C- NO Slide Outs, Tip outs or articulating rooms of any sort