No permit is needed for any trailer 102″ (8ft 6in) wide and under. When a trailer exceeds 102″ wide you will need a wide load permit from each state the trailer travels through. When a trailer is 103″ wide to 10ft wide, the permit process is pretty simple and consists of filling out a permit with the measurements of the tiny house and tow vehicle and the travel route. Then faxing or emailing the permit application to each applicable state department of transportation. when the trailer is 10ft 1in to 11ft 11in there may be some extra restrictions based on the state you are traveling through, this may vary from time allowed to travel and cost of Permit. When the trailer is 12ft in width and wider it will require pilot cars in the front and back of the tiny house at a rate of $1.50 per mile per pilot vehicle. 12ft wide trailers on average cost between $2 – $3 per mile to transport.