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Tiny House Exterior Walkthrough





Tiny House Interior Walkthrough



Walkthrough Version 2.0


Tiny House Walkthrough Version 2.0

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        1. Josh paoli

          Please call me my name is Josh Paoli I live in Martinez California and I’ve been looking to build a house just like yours by far out of all the tiny house nation episodes yours is our favorite I’m a big four-wheel-drive guy and I have a giant wrecking yard Full of off-road projects you might be interested in please call me 9259145674

  1. Frank Berry

    I saw this house being built on “Tiny House Nation”….one speaker and one “main builder” build tiny houses across the nation weekly…I hope this program continues. The various home owners “usually have no idea” what the end project will be, but the “main builder” comes up with great ideas for capturing one’s life style and needs into individually build homes….

  2. Mr. Pink

    Congratulations Joshua & Shelley! You have the most amazing Tiny House I have seen! I hope all is well since you have moved in. It’s nice to know that it is a possibility to turn an idea into reality. I’m in Moraga and need to downsize, so it’s nice to know that there are options to do this in Northern California. My biggest fear is finding a plot of land for my Tiny House. You have given me new hope, being that you are in Pleasant Hill. You have a one of a kind awesome house.

    1. Joshua

      Thank you very much! it takes some effort to find the perfect spot but it is doable, even in the bay area!

  3. ODwyerPW

    The sunken bed in the loft to allow for the cubbie storage in the floor was very clever. Because honestly, the ceiling height is only of consequence relative to your seating/lying position in bed. Elevating the floor to add storage, only changes the height in relation to the floor, but not the bed surface… which is the really important measure.

    I hadn’t considered that option previously. My only concern would be ventilation around the mattress. Have you found that to be an issue?

  4. Catherine and Kacey

    Josh and Shelley,

    Congratulations on your beautiful tiny house!

    My boyfriend and I were catching up on episodes of Tiny House Nation, and came upon your episode that said Pleasant Hill, California. We were very excited, because we live in Pleasant Hill and are building a tiny house in our backyard! We are keeping a blog at copebecktinyhouse.blogspot.com, and we would love to meet up for a tour of your tiny house and learn from you since you are successful tiny housers! My email is [email protected]

    Congratulations, we are excited to hear from you!

    Catherine and Kacey

    1. Joshua


      Thank you so much! Yeah we were living in Pleasant Hill for about 4 years when we started building the tiny house. We actually built the Tiny House in Lafayette and since then we moved it to a nearby city where we live now. Thanks for linking your blog we will follow your progress, its cool to see other people nearby doing the same thing, where do you guys plan to move it when you finish?


  5. hilary

    Greetings from Australia! I love your tiny house and I am planning to start my build next year. Could you send me any designs/drawings of your house? I simply love it and am curious if it’s possible to build something similar. If you can please email me at [email protected]

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  7. Hope G.

    I love your floor plan and have a few questions about your design.

    1) Is the eating area with stools counter height?
    2)What size is the bed up there?
    3) Would that 2nd loft be big enough for an additional sleeping space?

    Thank you!

  8. Wendy

    Hello from Oakland! I religiously watch Tiny House Nation and saw your episode many months back. As a Bay Area native, I can barely afford to stay local; I was already priced out of San Francisco (my hometown) and fear Oakland is on its way. I am definitely interested in having a tiny home, but have 3 major concerns I was hoping you wouldn’t mind answering:

    1. Do you have a hard time finding places to park your home?
    2. Are compost toilets really as gross as they seem?
    3. How are you dealing with water while we’re in a drought?

    I look forward to your response!

    1. Joshua

      Hello Wendy!

      I know how you feel, we dealt withe same issues!

      1. It was a challenge but we approached it by putting ourselves in our potential landowners shows and tried to think about what they would be looking for in a tenant.
      2. Not at all, well i can only speak about Separett, i feel other composting toilets can be gross, im fan of the urine diverting kind, its much cleaner and hygienic. Also the biggest advatage on the Separett is there is never a smell after the bathroom is used, ever!
      3. We are on well and we have very minimal water usage


  9. Cecilia

    Greetings from SwEden.
    This house is such an inspiration and look Scandinavian.
    Hope to get through with all swedish rules to build something like this.
    What is the squarefeet in only bottomfloor? Wide and length?
    Thankfull for answer

  10. Rnayd Principe

    How inspiring! We recently lost our home (less than a year owned and under major remodel project) in the Valley Fire in Lake County, California. So we have decided to rebuild but since the timeline to remove the debris, get a clean soil certification from the county to rebuild and scarcity of good builders does to look good, we are looking at building / buying a Tiny House until we get the chance to rebuild our home…eventually plan to use the Tiny House as a guest house. Any ideas would be great appreciated!

  11. sheila

    Is it possible to build a bit larger home on wheels? is there a sq ft. limit?? Can I buy a bigger trailer to build a bigger home on wheels? I want to put it in my backyard and hook up to my main home for water sewer electricity etc…. my home is too big for me so I wanted to live in something smaller…. is 650 unreasonable???

  12. Liz

    Very cool, thinking about building one outside of ATL, two questions: where is the tv and is that a closet on the other side of the inside bar?

    Are you still selling the plans?



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  14. Rhondra Lewis

    Hello…saw you on T.V. and love your house…sending you an email shortly about ordering a trailer…my question is about the covering over the deck. Did you make it yourself or did you purchase it? Would love something like that over my deck to the entrance of my THOW too…..

    1. Joshua

      Hi Rhondra, are you referring to the triangular shades we have during summer? We bought those at costco

  15. Adam

    Love the house and the use of space! What kind of window is that at the bar area? Do you have to special order something like that?

  16. Kat Harmeyer

    what size is this trailer? I would love to rent a tiny for a week to see if its truly what I could live in on a daily basis–I definitely think I could– but whats better than testing it for a week to make sure? ūüôā Thanks so much for sending me your site–very informative!

  17. Suanne

    Hey Joshua and Shelly!
    I absolutely love, love, love your tiny house and your episode of Tiny House Nation! Such a huge inspiration!
    I am a teacher in the Far East Contra Costa County (the Delta area) and my hubby works in the schools here as well. We are both very artistic and draw and craft…and we cook! So…hobbies with some space needs.
    We decided a couple months ago that going tiny is our best economical choice and best style choice! Tiny homes are so much better designed for organized, thoughtful living!
    We are sourcing our materials as local as possible.

  18. Tom brown

    Beautiful home! What is the height of interior ceiling of shed style 28 foot tiny house at highest point & lowest point ? Is it possible to have a bedroom on main floor or would need to go to 36 feet or bigger ?

    1. Joshua Engberg

      10ft 11in and 10ft 2in. im sure it is possible to have a bedroom on the main floor, it all depends on your needs and how many people are living in the space

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