Buying A Tiny House Trailer

Who Is Tiny House Basics?

We are Joshua and Shelley and we are Tiny House People with a extensive background in Tiny House Trailers and Tiny Houses. We design and sell the #1 Tiny House Trailers Available from Manufacturers that Have Been Building High Quality Trailers for over 30 Years. As Tiny House People ourselves our number one goal is to help others with the goal of going tiny and to simplify that process and save you money by buying direct from the manufacturer. Due to the fact we have no sales lot or dealers we can offer 2023 / 2024 Tiny House Trailers at True Manufacturer Direct Pricing, each trailer is custom built for you just the way you want it, we will never try to sell you whats “in stock” each trailer is built just for you.  Since we have built and live in a Tiny House built on one of our Tiny House Trailers, We can offer insight and knowledge on what is most important in your Tiny House Trailer Foundation and show you the practical options you may need to make your build successful on the Best Tiny House Trailers on the market. We will guide you throughout the whole process to design the best Tiny House Trailer to fit your needs. On top of all that our trailers are on average $900 cheaper than the competition.

What Options Do you Have when it comes to finding a Trailer?

Sourcing a trailer can be quite a task. There is basically 3 options to choose from:

1.  Buying used and restoring or adapting it to your needs.

2. Buying new off the lot and once again adapting it to your needs and lastly

3. Ordering a custom trailer.

Buying used is a perfectly good option but there is many factors to consider. Has the trailer in its life ever been overloaded? That is something you can’t always determine by talking to the seller or by first glance at the trailer. Sometimes it rears its ugly head during its service life under your ownership. A couple things to look for is rust on the underside, and worn our components like bent axles, cross members or framing. The plus side is you can sometimes get killer deals on used trailers but please make sure to examine it thoroughly after all it will be the foundation to your house and once you build your house, you cant change the trailer!

Buying new off the lot is probably the most common way. Most trailer dealers will stock dozens if not a hundred or more trailers to choose from. But these trailers will not be designed for a tiny house for what you need in your build and you will end up still needing to modify a utility trailer for your build, plus dealers have large mark ups on every trailer just like a car dealership. We have built over 450 Tiny House Trailers in the past 12 month alone and each one was different from the next, very rare do we build the same trailer, because everyone’s needs are different. Do not settle for something just because its on the lot or the builder has a size close to what you want. you will after all be living in this space, don’t you think getting it built to suit your needs is the best thing to do for you and your family?

The last option I’ll mention is ordering a custom Tiny House trailer  Yes, there are many tiny house trailer builders out there, many have a few designs tailored for a narrow base tiny house and others make lavish claims about how great they are, but in the end the high cost is just getting passed to every customer. No matter whom you choose, do your research on the people behind the companies. There is a lot of startups from people without a proven track record. Like many of our customers we are in it for the long haul, this is a lifestyle choice we chose to simplify our lives and what we are offering is the exact same route we went when building our tiny house. we thoroughly researched every option for trailers out there and i even posed the question to every owner behind every company, “Have you ever stayed the night in a Tiny House” and the answer shocked me, it was NO! how could they know what we needed if they never took a step in our shoes. That is why we carved our own way, we teamed up with tried and true manufacturers that have been building for over 30 years to design our tiny house trailers and then we built our very own tiny house on one of them. Every night we rest our heads under the roof of our tiny house and with all the insight we have learned throughout the almost two years we have been living in our tiny house we pass that along to our people, our Tiny House people. That is the whole goal for us at Tiny House Basics to simplify the process of going tiny, not complicate it.  We have 3 Manufacturers across the US in California, Texas and Pennsylvania that we can service all 50 states & Canada and even coordinate the optional delivery for you. We build our tiny house trailers exactly for the needs of your build and leave out anything you don’t need. With our custom Tiny House Trailers, We can tailor the trailer and weight distribution for your Tiny House and floor plan layout. Depending on the needs of your build, we can move the axles rearward to accommodate heavier design features in the rear like stone fireplaces (yes we have actually built custom tiny house trailers for customers who have installed stone fireplaces!) A custom tiny house trailer will also have all the structural integrity for a tiny house with out the unneeded weight that will come with a standard utility trailer or car hauler and it will be ready to build on right away with no further modifications needed like the other options mentioned above. All of our Tiny House Trailer will also have Heavy Duty Cross-members for a rigid and structurally sound foundation, we will never skimp on framing members to save cost or integrity in the frame.

With our trailer we decided to do a 28ft long deck and 8’6″ wide. we did a wide body deck (the frame extends to 8’6″ fore and aft of the wheel wells) so we can have the most amount of floor space as possible. We also had the crossmembers of the frame flush with the deck so we can use the trailer as our subfloor I’m order to save a addition 3.5″ overall in height. We did do a tandem axle 14k GVWR tiny house trailer but in order to not exceed the weight capacity we had to factor in the weight of each material we used during the build. After going through that process, if we did it all over again we would have went with a triple axle trailer so we didnt have to shave so much weight in the building process. In regards to deck width, we did choose to go with the max width or 102″ wide, which means our build is actually 105″ wide, this was something we were not to concerned with because we do not travel with our tiny house, We travel because of it! For our customers that do travel or want to stay within the legal limit, we suggest doing a 99″ wide deck like all our Tiny House Shell builds. Choose any deck size between 92″ to 102″ for the same price.

No Matter the size you choose for you own tiny house build, we can guide you through the process of designing and building the perfect tiny house trailer for your needs.

Ready To Buy Your Tiny House Trailer?