As the #1 Source for Tiny House Trailers in the United States and Canada, We proudly provide Tiny House foundations specifically designed to support your dream home. Our four locations – California, Alabama, Oregon and Pennsylvania – Each boast decades of experience and we are able to ship to all 50 states (even Hawaii and Alaska) plus all Canadian provinces. Let us help you design your tiny house trailer and share with you our experiences as builders and dwellers. Request a free quote below or call us anytime at 925-322-0541

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Who Is Tiny House Basics? 

We are Joshua and Shelley and we are Tiny House People with a extensive background in Tiny House Trailers and Tiny Houses. We Manufacturer our Tiny House Trailers in for 4 locations across the US. As Tiny House People our number one goal is to help others with the goal of going tiny and to simplify that process and save you money with manufacture direct pricing. Due to the fact we have no sales lot we can offer 2021 Tiny House Trailers at True Manufacturer Direct Pricing. Since we have built and live in a Tiny House build on one of our Tiny House Trailers, We can offer insight and knowledge on what is most important in your Tiny House Trailer Foundation and show you the practical options you need to make your build successful on the best tiny house trailers in the market. We will guide you throughout the whole process to design the best Tiny House Trailer to fit your needs.

Please Let Us Know Where you are Located and What Size Tiny House Trailer You Desire. We can help you with all the other details, after all we build our Tiny House on one of our trailers so we know the Tiny House Needs very well!

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Common Terms Used On This Page For Tiny House Trailers: 

  • GVWR: Gross Vehicle Weight Rating – The Amount of weight the Tiny House Trailer can hold INCLUDING the weight of itself
  • Payload: The weight of the load the Tiny House Trailer can handle, In this case how much the Tiny House can weight that is being built on the Tiny House Trailer
  • Wheel Brakes: Electric equipped axle brakes powered by a Brake Controller in the Tow Vehicle (2 – wheel brakes mean it has brakes on both wheels of one axle) 
  • Drop Axles: See This Post HERE

Tiny House Trailer

Custom Tiny House Trailers Start Out At $3599!  

7k GVWR 12ft Tiny House Trailer Start At $3599

10k HD 18ft GVWR Tiny House Trailers Start At $4099

12k HD 18ft GVWR Tiny House Trailers Start at $4850

14K HD 20ft GVWR Tiny House Trailers Start At $4899

All Of Our Trailers Are Made By Tiny House Trailer Manufacturers with over 25 years in the business making Trailers.

Custom Options For Tiny House Trailers

  • Add Electric Brakes On Idler Axle $260
  • Cross Members Flush With Frame $100
  • Lower Whole Deck 4″ With HD 4″ Drop Axles $125 Each Axle
  • 12″ Longer Tongue For More Storage $100
  • Deck Over Trailer Style $1000
  • Gooseneck Package $2000 – $2500
  • Flashing
  • Threaded Rods
  • Scissor Jacks

Tiny House Trailers Available in Sizes From 10ft to 48ft

When Ordering A Gooseneck Tiny House Trailer:

  • The Gooseneck Package Adds 8ft To The Trailer Deck
  • If you Choose A 20ft Deck and Add A Gooseneck, The Trailer Will Be 28ft Total
  • You Select Height of Gooseneck Deck, NEED from tow-vehicle:
    ** Ground to top of Ball  HEIGHT
    ** Top of Ball , to top of pickup bed sides HEIGHT  
  • (if buyer has a flatbed pickup bed (no sides) the
    gooseneck will be much lower, more interior height

Deck Heights Of  Tiny House Trailers

  • Standard Deck Height Approx 26″
  • Drop Axles Deck Height Approx 22″
  • Deck Over Deck Height Approx 33″

Where Will My Axles Be Located On My Tiny House Trailer?

  • The Center Of The Axles Will Be Located Approx 60% Back From The Front Of The Deck (Optional: To Move the axles to center the load)
  • If A Tiny House Trailer Has A 20ft Deck, The Approx Center Of The Two Axles Will Be 12ft Back From the Front.
  • For California Tiny House Trailers: The center of the two or three axles is moved towards the rear 1″ for every deck foot length from the center of the Tiny House Trailer  example 28ft deck = move axles towards the rear approx. 28″ past the 14ft centerline
  • Tandem Axles Wheel Wells Are Approx 6′ Long
  • Triple Axle Wheel Wells Are Approx 9′ Long
  • On A 20ft Trailer, The Start Of The Fender Will Be Approx 9Ft Back From The Front Of The Trailer And End 15ft Back From The Front Of The Trailer.
  • For More Information on fender locations

What Is The Most Popular Tiny House Trailer Size?

Suggested GVRW (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) For Tiny House Trailer Sizes

Weight Rating For Tiny House And Trailer Included

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