Tiny Houses on Instagram: Real Life VS Curated Accounts

By Jessica Mokhiber Palmer @tinyhouseofny www.tinyhouseofny.com When we first began our tiny house journey in 2016, we began with research – exhaustively scouring YouTube, checking out books on tiny living and downsizing from our local library, and then, as a lot of people do for inspiration, turned to Instagram. I remember thinking, “Whoa. We should have checked Instagram sooner.”  There … Read More

One of a Kind Tiny House Retreat in the Woods!

“It was a dream conceived in two separate minds years before Chris (a New Yorker with over 20 years of fine carpentry experience) and Melanie (a rustic reclaimed woodworker for the past decade) would even meet or collaborate on their first project: What would it look like to squeeze all of the comfort and amenities of a full-sized luxury home … Read More

Living with Pets in a Tiny House

A lot of people have pets and love their beloved fur balls, us included! So when we decided to downsize and go tiny, we thought it would be a challenge to figure out how we were all going to work in a much smaller space. It seemed to be more of a mental challenge than a physical one. We were … Read More

Remodeling a Tiny House Kitchen

Take a tour of the Tiny House Basics’ Kitchen in our 374 sq/ft Tiny House On Wheels. After Living in our tiny house for the past 4+ years we have decided on a full kitchen remodel, in this tour we will show you how our kitchen is designed now and talk about the changes we have planned and why.  

12ft Wide Trailers Now Available In Texas and Pennsylvania Locations

12ft wide Tiny House Trailer

Tiny House Basics is proud to now offer 12ft wide Tiny House Trailer frames with customer widths from 10ft to 12ft wide from our Texas Location. These trailers will be available in Standard Deck, Deckover and With Drop Axles. These Frames will utilize our Custom 10ft wide Axles as well. The first one to roll out of production was a 45ft … Read More

Plenty of Room to Ride with the RadMini Electric Folding Fat Bike

When in our process of significantly downsizing to our tiny house we had many moments of questioning which items we would keep, sell, or donate. We knew we would have to make sacrifices and had many items we enjoyed but just wouldn’t have space to store. When it came to items of recreation, we sold most to save on space … Read More

College Couple Skips the Dorm Room to Build a Tiny House!

By Nicolette Cascione Hey Tiny House Basics! I just wanted to start off by thanking you so very much for our custom 28 foot long Tiny House Basics’ tiny house trailer! We knew ordering from you would guarantee us a safe and strong foundation for our home on wheels and you guys did not disappoint! Here’s a little background on … Read More

The 28ft Entertaining Abode Model Tiny House Tour and Video

This Beautiful tiny house was just finished and shipped to our customers in San Diego, It was built to be based on our very own tiny house we live in with a few changes, The layout changes included 6ft wide french doors, a 6ft x 3ft Accordion window (ours is a 8ft x 3ft version) and some larger egress windows … Read More

We Sold Our Tiny House!

You Must be wondering, What on earth were we thinking? This is the story of why we sold our tiny house. By Mario Soto It was proven to provide so much financial freedom and it actually did! Did we just stop loving the tiny house life style after just three years or maybe realized it just wasn’t for us? After-all, … Read More