Did you Say Coffee Shop Tiny House? Yes Please!

Junction Coffee was established in 2014. We took a 1974 Bristol Double Decker Bus and transformed it into a mobile coffee shop. Now we are proud to present the Junction Coffee Tiny House! A hybrid of stationary and mobile that will continue to bring great friends together over great coffee in a one of a kind environment! We love operating … Read More

A Tiny House Without Sacrifices in Design

In September, Erin first reached out to us and requested a Tiny House Trailer quote through our website TinyHouseBasics.com We then worked with Erin and helped by designing a trailer to fit all her needs, At first Erin was keen on a 26ft Tiny House Trailer but later with our help she settled on a 28ft x 99″ wide 21k … Read More

What are Flush Crossmembers?

What are Crossmembers? Crossmembers are the structural ribs that run side to side or perpendicular to the length of the trailer. These framing members provide structural rigidity for the trailer frame and are mounted inside the main frame rails (the main frame rails run the overall length of the trailer, the are the ones right inside of the fenders which … Read More

What’s in the Shop? Check out the 24ft Rubicon Bay

In addition to the over 400 Tiny House Trailers we build each year from our 5 locations across the US, we also build custom Tiny Houses Shells and full builds. This 24ft x 102″ Tiny House is our latest full build. check out the progress below! 24ft x 102″ wide ” Rubicon Bay” Tiny House  Trailer: 24ft x 98″ wide … Read More

Tiny Houses: The Home Hour Podcast Interview

KIRSTEN DUNLAP and GRAHAM SMITH, best friends of 20 years and co-hosts of The Home Hour podcast, are passionate about helping moms create welcoming homes and gracious living spaces. Today on the Home Hour, we’re celebrating the little things. And by little, we mean TINY! We’re learning about living the good life in small spaces with Joshua and Shelley Engberg from Tiny House … Read More

The Cook’s Essential Tiny House Kitchen

By: Shelley Engberg One of my biggest fears when moving into a tiny house was the size of the kitchen and actually cooking in it. Being someone who enjoys cooking as well as entertaining, A number of questions would continually pop into mind while we built as to what would fit? what items would be practical for daily cooking? as … Read More

The Duo Who Does It All with Joshua and Shelley Engberg

  Originally posted on TinyHouseBlog You don’t have to appreciate Marvel Comics to enjoy this week’s interview with the dynamic duo of tiny houses, Josh and Shelley. Long before their episode on “Tiny House Nation” aired, this young power couple was already moving their lives in a direction which focused on freedom, travel, and using their talents to help others … Read More

#1 Amazon Bestselling Tiny House Book!

Our Highly Anticipated Tiny House Book: “Tiny House Basics, Living the Good Life in Small Spaces” was just released on May 16th 2017 and we have already hit #1 Amazon Bestseller in over 4 Categories (Small Homes & Cottages, House Plans, Design & Construction, Green Housekeeping) Pick up your copy today to start your tiny house research off on the right … Read More

Tiny House Land Sharing and Try it Tiny

We would love to introduce you to a new and exciting feature. Are you interested in Land Sharing with your tiny house? Post in the comments if you have space to rent or lease out for a tiny house or if you are looking for land to park your tiny house on. This will be a extension of: Find Land … Read More

Tiny Spaces require Teamwork

Working together is key not only in getting around in a tiny house but also in all aspects of your relationship together. This is a topic we thoroughly discussed in the chapter “Relationships in tight quarters” in our upcoming book: Tiny House Basics, Living the Good Life in Small Spaces. If you haven’t yet preordered a copy you can do … Read More