The Only Tiny House Trailer Foundations Designed and Built By Actual Tiny House Dwellers

Designed from the ground up to save time, Save Weight, and eliminate the common mold issues found on other tiny house trailer foundations by allowing you to uniformly insulate the whole trailer frame and not just between the wheels. Our trailers are designed to carry unique loads of a tiny house around the perimeter of the trailer frame while allowing a fully insulated subfloor. This trailer design speeds up your build by allowing you to use the trailer as the subfloor with no other wood or structural support. With a vast amount of options and limitless customizations, we build each trailer specifically to you and your needs. Available options like threaded rods to tie down wall framing translate directly from standard building practices to make your build as simple as can be. We design our trailers to be your lifelong foundation for your tiny house and not just last a few years and fail from subpar design and mold issues from uninsulated floors. 

Certified Trailer Frames: As a member of NOAH (National Organization of Alternative Housing) Our Trailers exceed stage 1 of your tiny house certification, ready for you to take over and start stage 2, Rough framing. Using a certified trailer frame will ease the process and as Certified tiny house builders ourselves, we can guide you through that process. Certifying your tiny house will ease insurance requirements and open up parking and placement as many municipalities are now requiring Certification from NOAH. Tiny House Basics was the first to break the old way of building modified car hauler trailer frames with flanges and bring to market the first extra wide trailer frames with decks up to 102in wide for our standard models. We were also the first to market with 10ft wide and 12ft wide Tiny House Trailers using our same trailer subfloor design to allow uniform insulation in the full width of our trailers. We were also the first to coin the term tiny house shells back in 2015 where we build the tiny house structure for you on our trailer foundations for you to complete the rest and still take part in the DIY part of the movement.

Tiny House Basics Specializes in custom Extra Wide Deck Bumper Pull and Gooseneck trailer models built and shipped from 1 of 3 locations across the U.S. Prompt delivery is available in all parts of the United States.

Standard Features: All trailers are designed and built with box tube construction, including main frame rails and crossmembers. 2 5/16in Ball Coupler, Electric Brakes with 7-way Connector, Back up Battery with Sway-a-way Safety System, Dual Safety Chains, Sealed Wiring Harness and Heavy duty Crossmembers 16in on Center. Outside the main frame rails (82in on a 102in trailer and 96in on a 10ft wide trailer) we use an outer frame rail and crossmembers to match the inner deck. This modern deck design eliminates the thermal bridging and mold issues that our competitors have with their flange style trailer frames. Our heavy-duty crossmembers allow you to use the trailer as the subfloor and eliminate the need to build a wooden subfloor like some companies require.

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2021 Custom Tiny House Shells

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Who Is Tiny House Basics? 

We are Joshua and Shelley and we are Tiny House People with a extensive background in Tiny House Trailers and Tiny Houses. Our Trailers are built in 3 Nationwide Trailer Manufacturing Locations with over 36 years experience building High Quality Trailers. As Tiny House People our number one goal is to help others with the goal of going tiny and to simplify that process and save you money by buying direct from the manufacturer. Due to the fact that there are no sales lots we can offer 2021 Tiny House Trailers at True Manufacturer Direct Pricing. Since we have built and live in a Tiny House built on one of our Tiny House Trailers, We can offer insight and knowledge on what is most important in your Tiny House Trailer Foundation and show you the practical options you may need to make your build successful on the best tiny house trailers in the market. We will guide you throughout the whole process to design the best Tiny House Trailer to fit your needs.

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Please Let Us Know Where you are Located and What Size Tiny House Trailer You Desire. We can help you with all the other details, after all we build our Tiny House on one of our trailers so we know the Tiny House Needs very well!

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We Have 4 Tiny House Trailer Manufacturings Locations Across The Us:

Tiny House Trailer Manufacturing Location in Los Angeles, California

Tiny House Trailer Manufacturing Location in Pennsylvania

Tiny House Trailer Manufacturing Location in Texas


Tiny House Basics’ San Francisco Shell & Custom Builds in Gilroy, California 

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Common Terms Used On This Page For Tiny House Trailers: 

  • GVWR: Gross Vehicle Weight Rating – The Amount of weight the Tiny House Trailer can hold INCLUDING the weight of itself
  • Payload: The weight of the load the Tiny House Trailer can handle, In this case how much the Tiny House can weight that is being built on the Tiny House Trailer
  • Wheel Brakes: Electric equipped axle brakes powered by a Brake Controller in the Tow Vehicle (2 – wheel brakes mean it has brakes on both wheels of one axle) 
  • Drop Axles: See This Post HERE

Tiny House Trailer

Custom Tiny House Trailers Start Out At $4900!  

7k GVWR Tiny House Trailer Start At $4900

10k HD GVWR Tiny House Trailers Start At $5850

12k HD GVWR Tiny House Trailers Start at $6100

14K HD GVWR Tiny House Trailers Start At $6100

All Of Our Trailers Are Made By Tiny House Trailer Manufacturers with over 30 years in the business making Trailers.

For Pricing On A Custom Size Tiny House Trailer From Our California, Texas & Pennsylvania Tiny House Manufacturers: Request a Free Quote

Standard Features on our 10k (California MFG) Tiny House Trailers:

(2) Wheel Brakes, (1) 5K Brake Axle (1) 5k Idler Axle, 16″ 8-Lug Wheels, 16″ 10-Ply Bias Ply Tires, HD 6″ C Channel Frame And Tongue, 2 5/16″ Coupler, 5k Drop Leg Jack, 3″ C-Channel Cross Members @ 16″ Spacing (Flush w/ deck or Dropped 3″), 7 – Way Connector Plug, DOT Lights, Safety Chains, Break-A-Way Kit/ Battery, Fully Painted Black (Custom Colors Available) MFG Warranty

Standard Features on our 10k (Texas MFG) Tiny House Trailers:

(2) EZ-Lube HD 5K Brake Axles, 2 5/16” Coupler, 5K Front Jack, HD 6” x 2” Box-Tube Frame w/3”x 1” HD Box-Tube Cross-Members @ approx 18” Spacing placed 3” below Top-of-Frame, 6” x 2” Box-Tube Tongue, Sealed-Beam Lights, Break-A-Way Kit, 15”225 8-Ply Tires, Tear-Drop Fenders, Plastic Conduit protects wiring, Side-Marker Lights, Safety Chains, Fully Primed/Painted/DOT Stripes & MFG 2-Year Warranty

Standard Features on our 10k (Pennsylvania MFG) Tiny House Trailers:

(2) EZ-Lube HD 5K Axles, 2-Wheel Brakes, (1) 5K Brake Axle, (1) 5K Idler Axle, HD 6″x 2″ x 3/16″th Box Tube Frame, 15” 6-Lug Wheels, 15” 10-Ply Tires, 102” Wide Deck Front/Rear of Fenders, HD 3” Cross-Members spaced approx. every 16” 3” below top-of-frame, 2 5/16” Coupler, 8K Drop-Leg Front Jack, LED Lights, Break-A-Way Kit, Smooth Fenders, Safety Chains, 7-Way Connector Plug, Fully Painted Black & MFG 6-Month Warranty     


Standard Features on our 12k (California MFG) Tiny House Trailers: 

(2) EZ-Lube HD 6K Axles, 2-Wheel Brakes, (1) 6K Brake Axle, (1) 6K Idler Axle, 16” 8-Lug Wheels, 16” 10-Ply Radial Tires, 2 5/16” Coupler, 5K Drop-Leg Front Jack, HD 6” C-Channel Frame/Tongue, 102” Wide Deck, Front/Rear of Fenders, 3” HD Cross-Members placed approx. every 16” 3” below top-of-frame, DOT Lights, Break-A-Way Kit, Smooth Fenders, Side-Marker Lights, Safety Chains, 7-Way Connector Plug, Fully Painted Black & MFG 1-Year Warranty

Standard Features on our 12k (Texas MFG) Tiny House Trailers:

(2) EZ-Lube HD 6K Brake Axles, HD 2 5/16” Coupler, HD 6” x 2” Box-Tube Frame w/3”x 1” Box-Tube Cross-Members @ approx. 18” Spacing placed 3” below Top-of-Frame, 6” x 2” Box-Tube Tongue, HD 5K Front Jack, Sealed-Beam Lights, Break-A-Way Kit, 16” 8-Lug Wheels, 16” 10-Ply Radial Tires, Diamond Plate Fenders, Plastic Conduit protects wiring, Side-Marker Lights, Safety Chains, Trailer Fully Primed/Painted/DOT-Striped & MFG. 2-Year Warranty

Standard Features on our 14k (Pennsylvania MFG) Tiny House Trailers:

(2) EZ-Lube HD 6K Axles, 2-Wheel Brakes, (1) 6K Brake Axle, (1) 6K Idler Axle, HD 6”x 2″ x 3/16″ Box Tube Frame, 16” 6-Lug Wheels, 16” 10-Ply Radial Tires, 102” Wide Deck Front/Rear of Fenders, HD 3” Cross-Members spaced approx. every 16” 3” below top-of-frame, 2 5/16” Bulldog Coupler, HD 12K Drop-Leg Front Jack, LED Lights, Break-A-Way Kit, Smooth Fenders, Safety Chains, 7-Way Connector Plug, Fully Painted Black & MFG. 6-Months Warranty

14k Upgrade Standard Tiny House Trailer Features (In Addition to 12k Features)

  • (2) 7K Axles
  • Increased Payload Over 12k Models

HD 18,000 LBS GVWR 3-Axles (w/(2) 6K Brakes Axles & (1) 6k Idler Axle)

  • 18k Upgrade Standard Features (in Addition to 12k Features)
  • Increased Payload
  • Two Brake Axles Versus Only One For Better Braking Control

HD 21,000LBS GVWR 3-Axles (w/(2) 7K Brakes Axles & (1) 7k Idler Axle)

  • 21k Upgrade Standard Features (In Addition To 12k Features)
  • Increased Payload
  • Two Brake Axles Versus Only One For Better Braking Control

Standard Features on our 21k (Texas MFG) Tiny House Trailers:

(3) EZ-Lube HD 7K Axles, 4-Wheel Brakes, (2) 7K Brake Axle, (1) 7K Idler Axle, HD 6” x 2” x 3/16” Box Tube Frame, 6” x 2” Box-Tube Outer-Frame, 6” x 2” 53” Tongue, 16” 8-Lug Wheels, 16” 10-Ply Radial Tires, 102” Wide Deck Front/Rear of Fenders, 82” Width between fenders, HD 4”x 2” Box-Tube Cross-Members spaced approx. every 16” placed Flush w/top-of-frame (3” x 2” Box- Tube when placed 3” below top of frame), HD 21K rated 2 5/16” Adjustable Coupler, 12K Drop-Leg Front Jack, Seal Beam Lights, Break-A-Way Kit, Smooth Fenders, Safety Chains, 7-Way Connector Plug, Fully Painted Black & MFG Warranty

Custom Options For Tiny House Trailers

  • Add Electric Brakes On Idler Axle $260
  • Cross Members Flush With Frame $150
  • Lower Whole Deck 4″ With HD 4″ Drop Axles $175 Each Axle
  • 12″ Longer Tongue For More Storage $200
  • Deck Over Trailer Style $2200
  • Gooseneck Package $2300 – $2600
  • Welded and Painted Flashing – QUOTE
  • Threaded Rods $22 Each
  • Scissor Jacks of Loading Jacks $375 for as set of 4

Tiny House Trailers Available in Sizes From 10ft to 50ft

When Ordering A Gooseneck Tiny House Trailer:

  • The Gooseneck Package Adds 8ft To The Trailer Deck
  • If you Choose A 20ft Deck and Add A Gooseneck, The Trailer Will Be 28ft Total
  • You Select Height of Gooseneck Deck, NEED from tow-vehicle:
    ** Ground to top of Ball  HEIGHT
    ** Top of Ball , to top of pickup bed sides HEIGHT                                                (if buyer has a flatbed pickup bed (no sides) the
    gooseneck will be much lower, more interior height

Deck Heights Of  Tiny House Trailers

  • Standard Deck Height Approx 26″
  • Drop Axles Deck Height Approx 22″
  • Deck Over Deck Height Approx 36″

Where Will My Axles Be Located On My Tiny House Trailer?

  • The Center Of The Axles Will Be Located Approx 60% Back From The Front Of The Deck (Optional: To Move the axles to center the load)
  • If A Tiny House Trailer Has A 20ft Deck, The Approx Center Of The Two Axles Will Be 12ft Back From the Front.
  • For California Tiny House Trailers: The center of the two or three axles is moved towards the rear 1″ for every deck foot length from the center of the Tiny House Trailer  example 28ft deck = move axles towards the rear approx. 28″ past the 14ft centerline
  • Tandem Axles Wheel Wells Are Approx 6′ Long
  • Triple Axle Wheel Wells Are Approx 9′ Long
  • On A 20ft Trailer, The Start Of The Fender Will Be Approx 9Ft Back From The Front Of The Trailer And End 15ft Back From The Front Of The Trailer.
  • For More Information on fender locations

What Is The Most Popular Tiny House Trailer Size?

Suggested GVRW (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) For Tiny House Trailer Sizes

Weight Rating For Tiny House And Trailer Included

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Why Buy A New Custom Tiny House Trailer?

We Wanted to further to help our friends in the Tiny House Community by saving them the time and money of dealing with ordering a custom Tiny House Trailer. As Manufacturer Representatives for 3 Tiny House Trailer Manufacturers. We can help you with every step of the way designing a perfect Tiny House Trailer for your tiny house and as people that went through this exact process we can explain the benefits of certain options and show you how certain features will help or hinder on your build. Please contact us with any questions you have on Tiny House Trailers and request a Free Tiny House Trailer Quote.

Many Custom options available!

Info on how to order your Tiny House Trailer

Discounts Available on All Tiny House Trailers w/ Purchase Of Floor Plans

Tiny House Basics Floor Plan Set 

Please contact us for any Tiny House Trailer Inquiries at [email protected] or 925-322-0541   

      Gallery Of Our Tiny House Trailers


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  13. Jacob And Nancy Tritt

    Hi! My husband and I were volunteers in Darin’s booth for Eco Cabins during the first Tiny House Jamboree 🙂 We REALLY REALLY loved your trailers since they were so lightweight and strong! We remember you had a special offer of a 24′ for those who went to the first Jamboree only. At the time we did not have the money saved up and we have since moved to the Cold White North to work with Freedom Outreach Teen Challenge a one-year drug and alcohol rehabilitation program in Canada with our Tiny Slide In. The day of the Jamboree was when we moved into our Tiny Slide-In full time! We are hoping to build our “Dream Tiny Home” one day one piece at a time as we can afford and were wondering if the offer is still good? We’re not even sure if it’s feasible to get it to Canada… it is our favourite of all the trailers we’ve seen so far. All the best whatever the outcome! ~living tiny, Jacob & Nancy Tritt

  14. Jake Ramey

    Aloha, Looking to source 2 x 24′ trailers for a tiny home project for my family here in Hawaii. Would like get a quote (requested one above) but also what the shipping dimensions and weightwould be for two trailers (Stacked). I am in communication with a number of manufactures and I need to find out what would be the most economical since I am shipping to Hawaii. Your trailers a priced well, are you in San Francisco?

  15. steve staresina

    Can you please supply me a quote for a 28 ft and a 32 ft goose neck type trailer to be shipped to B.C.Canada,

    1. Joshua Engberg

      a deckover is not compatible with drop axles, drop axles are only available on a gooseneck or a deck between trailer

  16. Don Lapointr

    looking to purchase a gooseneck type tiny house trailer overall length 32ft. Deck in between axles with drop axles if possible. Please contact me asap as I am looking to start this project within 2 months. Tks Don

  17. Alan J Huntting

    Looking for a custom trailer by 16 feet wide and 25 feet long two of them possibly so one up. Have about 800 square feet

  18. Mikki

    I am just in the planning stages (read proposal stage), of a major project. I am trying to get funding to build an Eco tiny house village centering around the arts. So I am trying to get pricing to put into the proposal.
    The village would start with 10 units. With more units to come, capping at 50 units.

    1. Joshua Engberg

      We can ship our Tiny House Trailers to any US PORT for shipping overseas including the Caribbean.

  19. Pia Francis

    I don’t have any idea of what I’m doing, all I know is that new trailers are very expensive, and I’m will to pay the price for a solid, strong trailer. I like how you guys have options in customizing your own. My ideal trailer needs to be at least 30ft long, and 8ft wide with a gooseneck trailer possibly with a deck onto the gooseneck and flash on the side near the wheel well for protection due to weather conditions.

  20. Don Miller

    I’m currently investigating how practical a (trailered) tiny house is for use in the Canadian far North. I’m concerned about them meeting the local building code and the insulation requirements. (where utility costs are exotic, so we need and would like to have a very efficient system.) The modest research I’ve carried out raises legitimate concerns. For your reference and information herewith enclosed pertinent building code info:

    Buildings in the North require a novel approach compared to standard construction in the more temperate regions of Canada. Extreme cold temperatures, intense winds, permafrost, and limited supply chains for both material, resources, and labour, present unique challenges. The goal of this document is to provide designers, builders, and owners with guidance on energy efficient, comfortable, and cost-effective wall designs in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.
    A number of pre-requisites for the wall assembly were set, such as requiring rain-screen cladding, structural wood framing, and continuous air barrier system. The thermal resistance of the assemblies was designed to ensure a minimum R-40 effective. This value was determined as being optimal over the life-cycle of wall assemblies in the North. Once the pre-requisites were met, the wall assemblies were then evaluated on noncritical criteria. These criteria were hygrothermal durability, thermal efficiency, constructability, cost, and resource efficiency.
    Analysis of the results indicate that a 2×4 wood-framed split insulated wall assembly with either 5” of exterior extruded polystyrene (XPS) or 6.5” of expanded polystyrene insulation (EPS) and ~R-13 fiberglass batt meets the required hygrothermal performance, is readily buildable by local contractors without any specialized trades or skillsets, and optimizes Northern Canadian material costs with labour costs. The use of 6” of rigid mineral wool (8 pcf density) as exterior insulation in lieu of EPS or XPS is a suitable alternate in terms of buildability and hygrothermal performance in this assembly though is slightly more expensive in the North due to shipping of this heavier rigid insulation type to remote locations. Polyiso insulation is not currently recommended for use as exterior insulation within the far North based on this analysis due to its comparatively poor performance under cold temperatures. The least expensive wall to build in all regions
    of the North is a 2×4 double stud wall with ~14” of fiberglass batt (3 layers, 2x ~R-13 and 1x ~R-28) though is more at risk for condensation and moisture damage from a hygrothermal standpoint than a split or exterior insulated wall

    I would be interested to hear your thoughts on how doable / practical this makes a tiny house, in Northern environment? Also what the implications’ would be if this tiny house, originally insulated for service in the far North, was subsequently relocated back to Southern Canada?

  21. Barb Marik

    Hi, is it possible to get a tiny house shell for 8 feet? I don’t want to go longer because it would be towed behind a car behind an RV.

  22. Howard Campbell

    hi i am looking for a 26 ft trailer frame to build a race car trailer. We will have a 10 ft box on front with tire rack. open deck with tire runners. also 3-4 ft dovetail on rear. tandem drop axles. could this be done?

  23. Linda Dial

    I don’t knowExactly what I want I want to pull kind a regular truck I’d like a full upper and lower to straighten meals on wheels metal underneath so I can drive down the road the rain don’t get up and hit the thing house on wheel footing And where you could drop it down a few more inches to make more room for the tiny house on wheels to live in in upper level is for quilting turn victims Cantor patient and homeless people and I’d like master bedroom bath kitchen with regular fridge raider old fashion cook wood-burning stove do you heat up the tiny house on wheels and Solar panels I have one already Masterbedroom Bethel packedt Bethel YOURE Terr minut half bath for guest Front porch with left side swing middle front door right side chair table in the middle and chair on the other side to have coffee in the morning in the back of the trailer a barbecue guilty and like they have online for a man cave and tiny house on wheels let me know if you can help me out where to go to get help

  24. Linda Dial

    Can you please let me know where to go Who can help me and help me build my full upper and lower two story Tiny house on wheelI’ve been trying to get help I look into this a while I can’t find anyone to help me or tell me what to do or where to go get the help near me in OLALLA Washington do you have for missing your

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